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Campus Drive Time
Lets play some music.
Lets talk some more.
A Normal Show interrupted by Metal Pipe Falling Sound Effect at Random Intervals [1 Hour]

A Normal Show interrupted by Metal Pipe Falling Sound Effect at Random Intervals [1 Hour]

Nat's easy listening hour

Join Nathaniel for a relaxed hour of chilled-out music and talk. A range of music will be played, from ambient music to artists' more mellow deep cuts. 

NOW We're Carolling!

Join Harry 'Who Does Law' ReevesJames from James from Jams from James from James, and AL for the festive special of NOW We're Talking!

Expect extra-special Christmas canoodley games, massive funnies, beef reports (or whatever meat/meat alternative you have on your Xmas dinner), NOW tunes and some top tier chat. 

Now, that's what it is. 

Awkward Laughter
The same show you know and love. Jamie and Oli talk over everything from the topical to the absurd with quizzes and great music

A long time ago in a radio station far far away... 

Join us as we talk about the final season of The Bad Batch and hope that it doesn't end in tears... 

Tea for Two

Hello! Brew yourself a cup of tea, grab a biscuit (or 25, we won't judge), sit back, and enjoy the show! Join us for a chat about anything from the ups and downs of student life at the University of York to baking and, your weekly dose of much-needed✨ serotonin✨.

We post tons of fun and useful episode-related content over on Instagram @teafortworadioshow and our comments section and DMs are always open. Feel free to come to say "hi" or tell us what you thought about our episode, we'd love to hear from you!

Have a wonderful day!

Claudia and Abbie

Jon's Rock Happy Hour
The very best in Rock 'n' Roll from classic to contemporary, from Clapton to the Chillis and every thing in between. With a presenter who knows it's better to let the music do the talking, sit back and enjoy over 50 years of great rock, in all its forms!.

My latest favo(u)rites + why I love them

URY Speech: Real Talk

Real talk; talking about anything and everything 

The URY Football Show
James Tompkinson and guests bring you your weekly football fix on The URY Football Show! Tune in for high quality football chat and great music!
J-J-James Hype Remix

Chess Warren sits down with world renound DJ James Hype, to talk all things music production, returning to performing, and more!

Kaiju Box Office

Kaiju Box Office is URY's premiere Tokusatsu show, covering everything from news to music. Join Charlotte and Dan as they talk about the world's favourite special effects genre.

Listen Ron headphones

In this special 2 man episode of listen on headphone James and Ron will be talking about stuff

The Chaos Theatre

No structure. No consistency. I could sit there for 40 minutes and talk about chainlink - or maybe it's a music show

Drivetime with Owen Murphy
A quality mix of music, without the pointless talk
The parent tape

We ask our guests parents to create a list of 10 songs from 10 artists of their favourite stuff and then review it! Due to parents' eclectic taste, this will usually vary massively across the whole show in which we will talk alongside this about the music and the memories associated for the guest or just memories about the parents, good or bad.

The Beans Hour

Literally just talking about beans for an hour. I have no idea why you'd listen to this.

Mmm, beans.

Summer of Love live from The Courtyard

Roses are red violets are blue University Radio York has got a plate of loving just for you! 

Join ((URY)) outside The Courtyard, as we present Summer of Love 2013. With live acoustic sets, hopefully some sun, and plenty of Pimms, we're going to get all loved up. We'll be talking about everything from mind, body, and spirit, to STIs, and what you can do if you're worried about anything of that nature. Our live coverage starts at Midday, at ury.org.uk

Featuring sets from Alice O,  Zac Pajak and chessey chalk on demand. Guests including head of welfare Bob Hughes!

Page one (we don't explain names)

'Page one (we don't explain names)' is an easy-going and fresh take on radio, featuring the brave Matt and handsome Will in talks about our lives and life in general. If you've ever wondered what radio sounds like, now's your chance. Do as everyone else will be doing: tune in and die!

Music will be peachy and brilliant. 

An Inceptional morning

 Expect: Norwegian banters, funny conspiracies, chit chat about life, Dictator fun facts, and last but not least: Epic movie music, and movie talks

May my voice be with you!

Making a researcher

A talk show aimed to promote interdisciplinary communication, encourage research communication and public engagement among Phd students and researchers in Higher Education UK (or anyone who is interested in becoming a researcher/academia basically).

PEPtalk v2

PEPtalk, the student-led podcast of the Club of PEP society has been handed over to the next generation of PEP students. 

URY N&S: General Election 2019 - The Debate

Exactly one week before an historic and unpredictable election, URY News is joined by representatives of the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties to discuss the key talking points of our election and fight for your votes, with analysis and context from other student media groups.

Politics: What's Happened Now?

What on earth is going on in the world? It's a fair question. Join Eloise as she tries to figure it out, with a hour-long news round up of all the UK and international political stories bracing the headlines. Don't worry, there'll be a few tunes in there, too - have to lighten the mood somehow.