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Oh God No It's Retrospectre Again
Old music; old jokes; new year; a truly exquisite experience guaranteed. Formerly the University Computer Recycling Project semi-official radio show!

Join Matt Windsor for an hour of URY's finest old music, from the 70s and 80s to your ears.

Retrospectre XP Service Pack 3
"Competent" "DJ" Matt-kun and "Magic Mole" Din-san "play" the "tunes" from 1969 to 2001 and beyond. Formerly the Computer Recycling Project semi-official show!

(Pronounced "directory Bandcamp") D:\Bandcamp>dir is a show all about the weird and wonderful world of self-releasing musicians and tiny bedroom labels found on Bandcamp. Join Night Call and 8-Bit and Beyond host Bernie, as he sticks his arm into the petri dish known as online music culture. Everything from vaporwave, to future funk, to trip hop, to doom jazz, to whatever you can think of really.


Wham! The radio has landed back in a time when a guy called Frankie Said Relax and a girl called Rio danced upon the sands. It's the 1980s (again) so apply the hairspray, make up and dance like the audience on Top of the Pops!

Alumni Shows: Stuck in the 20th Century

Despite protests, Richard Hollingham ('88-'91 - years not age) returns to URY to play a selection of late 20th century hits. Mostly, 80s synthpop. It'll be fun.

The Subterranium

Every show, The Wheel decides the type of music (year, genre, etc) that we will focus on. Between songs we will have music-related discussions alongside general conversation and other gobbledegook and hogwash.