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Talk 'N' Tunes with Harry

A mixture of music and chat, with sarcasm and humour in between. A show that provides you with a laugh, whilst playing songs that you can dance along to.

PM: Sarcasm 'N' Songs

Music and humour. A show that aims to play songs you can dance to whilst also providing you with a laugh. 

Liv Laugh Lovin'

Your host, Liv, invites you to listen to excerpts from my weekly changing musical taste- although forever clouded by angsty rock.

I chat about thoughts for the week with guests ranging from whichever mate I can drag on air, to musical people I have run into.

Humour and wit is not promised, but good vibes are a given.


I didn't want to do another 2 hour show by myself again because my music taste isn’t massive enough to warrant picking that many songs without the show accidently turning into a specialist music show that i am really bad at presenting since I don't know anything about the songs. Also now I can at least have an idea about what will be spoken about without forcing a funky fresh freestyle (hit me with a beat however and I will drop some heat).  Perhaps a producion of some techy edits in this show could occur as well as actually attempting to have a rough plan beforehand. This particular University Radio York broadcasted show could go well or it could crash and burn miserably but i hope it will be the former. If you are listening by miraulous chance- due to the fact that this student ran radio station with full AM, FM and Online capabilities doesn't get as many listeners as Capital FM with regular advertisement for car insurance- then i hope you enjoy! Also a few tangents might happen!

Big Love, 

Papa Yakov


tl;dr Yakov’s end of second year sunday show- this time an hour but still right before Harry Austin’s Sarcasm And Songs.