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Awkward Laughter
The same show you know and love. Jamie and Oli talk over everything from the topical to the absurd with quizzes and great music
Awkward Laughter with Jamie and Oli
Have fun with the comedy of Jamie and Oli. An hour packed with observations, jokes, anecdotes, music & quizzes.
Awkward Laughter With Jamie Long and Oliver Howlet
Two musicians on the same wavelength.
Have fun with the comedy of Jamie and Oli. 2 hours packed with observations, jokes, anecdotes, music & quizzes.
Awkward Laughter with Jamie Long and Oliver Howlett
Have fun with the comedy of Jamie and Oli. An hour packed with observations, jokes, anecdotes, music & quizzes.
Awkward Laughter with Jamie & Oli
Have fun with the comedy of Jamie and Oli. An hour packed with observations, jokes, anecdotes, music & quizzes.
Ben on URY
With an eclectic mix of music, inane ramblings, guests, quizzes and your chance to get involved, Ben has your perfect URY evening covered.
Bex and Bauer Hour
Grab a biscuit and join us for general noise, nonsense and a good ol’ natter. Bex and Bauer: bridging the North/South divide.
Breaking the Mould
A mix of non-mainstream music and forgotten classics, with in-depth, interactive debate.
The Penny & Leonie Show
Tune in to listen to a fun filled hour of live music, quirky quizzes and some of the best top tunes.
The Return of TinPot Radio
Well now... It's that time of year again. The most epic week of Autumn Term has come round once more. The thrills, the sights, the sounds, the fit room mates, the cracking good times, the unchartable awsomeness and the alcoholic consumption of freshers week cannot be explained all in one sentence. So thats why we're putting on a radio show for all you lovely lovely people out there... So join Will, John and Vicky as they bring back last years much loved TinPot Radio. Tune is for some sweet sweet tunage, some chortling laughs, some inuendo, so lude quizzes and loads of general radio sexyness.... genuinely better than sex!!!.
URY Lunch with Tom
Tom brings you a fun-filled lunchtime show including guests, music, quizzes and chat.
The Hang-On Show

The humble gents of "The Hang-On Show" aims at keeping the listener up-to-date with everyday life on campus, all while having a proper laugh at the nuances and oddities of life. We invite people on our show, present interviews, do sketches and hosts quizzes with great prizes! As if that is not enough, we'll help you out with any problem or dilemma you might be faced with in your life. Anonymous or not, we will do our outmost to help you. Oh, and there'll be music. And banter. And bananas.  

URY:PM - Roku Radio
Tune in to Roku Radio, the home of bad links, dubious song choices and an award winning jingle! (Not that we're milking that) Self proclaimed as "perfectly adequate" and "definitely not the worst radio in existence" strap yourself in for two hours of mixed genre music, interesting guests, fun features and a lot of laughs. Join Naomi, Kat and Will Batch for another season filled with all the usual madness, and hopefully fewer radio disasters.

The LGBTQ Revue

A fortnightly insight into the LGBTQ scene at York. Feauturing a panel of network representatives, students guests, and presenter Jack Elliott, we'll be discussing topical issues and news items, looking at LGBTQ history and maybe even throwing a few quizzes your way!

Lunch with Roku Radio

Two end-of-term lunch time specials of Roku Radio! All the fun of the weekly show but for twice as long. Join Naomi Gildert for two hours of mixed genre music, inane chatter, pointless quizzes and a lot of laughs.  

URY Brunch: Breaking Brunch

Easy like a Sunday morning... join Will Rawlinson, Britt Borkan and Katie Garnett every week for 2 hours of brunch-time banter, music hits and weekly games. So whether you're whipping up those pancakes or hitting the books at the lib, tune in at 11am to start your week the right way!

The Boy Does Nothing

A collection of Pop music with requests, quizzes and a whole load of non-sense.  

Speed Limit: C

A mix of good music, chat, quizzes and a fun look back at the University's scientific history. To celebrate the Physics department's 50th!

"What a Shambles!"

Mismatch of the eclectic musical tastes of Alice and Jack, accommpanied by easy-going chat along with quizzes and the odd game. 

Catch you on the (radio) waves

A general chat show, light hearted fun conversations with entertainment (basically a good old nitter natter).

Pop songs, comedy, horoscope, quizzes, games

URY Brunch - We're All Ears

Join Reece, Sophy and Zak for 2 hours of the best music, a few games, and a lot of chat. We're back this year with a new addition to the team and some amazing new features including quizzes, challenges and news/review segments. Our music once again will be based on any listener requests, although in the mean time we'll be playing a whole host of pop, hip-hop and R&B bangers; old and new. 

Ask the Professor

The show invites members of academic staff to discuss everything between their speciality to favourite tea! Guests will also get the opportunity to choose records that they listened to when they were students and participate in quizzes on their own subject as well as ones they may not be so familar with...

Noughties Pop Smash-Up

All your favourite songs from the 2000s - pop, rock and a bit of Crazy Frog. Hosted by Andy Tallon, we'll have quizzes, games and a whole host of topical chats! Weekly features include Complaint Corner (call in and anonymously tell us anything that's bothering you that needs airing out) and Childhood Choons (memories of our favourite songs growing up, and the events we associate them with). 

Astrid & Alex, Alex & Astrid

WELCOME TO ASTRID & ALEX, ALEX & ASTRID, an hour in which we discuss interesting things that we are interested in. Plus songs, quizzes, existential

crises and much much more. Tune in. Please. 

The Road to Russia: 52 Years of Hurt (and counting)

The World Cup is back! Join Sports Editor, Kathryn Batte, and Mark Curran for discussions, quizzes and all your favourite World Cup songs as we celebrate football coming home. In Southgate we trust.