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URY Brunch with Hannah: Bangers and Banter

Hannah brings you bangin’ tunes and banter for you to start your day with a smile on your face. With special features such as “Sibling Wars”, “Are you in or are you out of bed?” and “Poo On The Shoe” Hannah (and the occasional special guest) should have you out of bed and ready to start your day in no time.

Arctic News

Q: Where can you find an ocean without any water?
A: On a map! 

I solemnly swear it won't be as stupid as this joke. 

Mike Wallbank's Rockabilly Riot!

A show to turn even the lamest of squares into far-out foot tappers.

Over the course of the show, extreme levels of rockabilly will be pumped through the airwaves of URY, from Elvis Presley to The Big Bopper, all with the intention of providing maximum satisfaction.

The show will consist of anecdotes relating to the music in question, explorations into the popular themes and concepts of rockabilly/rock 'n' roll (such as a show dedicated to 'Death Discs'), as well as interviews with individuals who remember watching the rock 'n' roll stars of the 1950s in their heyday. Playing the big hits of the 1950s, as well as with the secret 7" golddust that's been hiding in the attic, this show will provide a roster of early rock 'n' roll and rockabilly that will make you want to turn your fringe into a quiff, your Volkswagen into a Cadillac, and your Carling into a Cherry Coke.

Fangirl Feels

A show by a fangirl, for fangirls! combining stories of feminist activism, pop culture and music; Fangirl Feels is about how great Fangirls are, and the music they [I] enjoy! Get ready to fall in love with One Direction.... [I promise I wont only play One Direction......]

The Penny & Leonie Show
Tune in to listen to a fun filled hour of live music, quirky quizzes and some of the best top tunes.
Alumni Takeover: Chef Will Returns

Chef Will is back in the URY studio, bringing you a throwback to radios only cooking based quiz show hosted by a two times national student radio award winning chef on your radio this Sunday at 3pm.

URY Breakfast - The Duvet Lifters
This is the show to get you out from under that duvet. Packed with the finest blend of rare and not-so-rare music beans. Years of meticulous development have resulted in a show with the sole aim of easing human life back to the vertical. With his encyclopedic knowledge of swathes of artists, and his penchant for all things Bushy, Hugh provides the main musical drive. His quirky tracks, mixed in with more conventional fayre, are bound to excite the ears. James will make sure Morrissey and Goldfrapp get their airtime. With its easy going chatter and continual references to mugs of coffee, listeners will be reaching for the kettle before they know it.
Exeunt Keoni

It's time for me to finally leave. Three terms have now gone by with a lot of very poor quality shows under my belt. Let's end this farce: goodbye to all of me. Exeunt Keoni.

Colin And Matt Having A Chat: Results Day Special!!

URY’s established experts of dry wit and nattering sit down to discuss where the cards lie after the country’s first “virtual” A-Level results day. Expect irreverent giggling, massive amounts of ‘closet’ jokes and guest appearances from anyone who can guess the comically bad password to their meeting room.

This results day from 7 am to midnight, URY will be broadcasting LIVE coverage as people receive their A-Level results across the country. With fresh content specifically aimed at the University of York's offer holders and those on the clearing lines, tune in for a day of top (available) presenters giving you the true York experience.... or Yor-xperience... (don't worry, you'll get used to all the “Yor-” puns)

Charlie Says...
What kind of music do you like? I'm not sure actually... Playing anything and everything, and eventually hoping to find out exactly what her music type is, Charlie Elliott blasts your ears with metal but quickly cools them down with some soul. Or anything else she can find.
URY:PM - The Harry Whittaker Show

Squint your ears and check in with Harry for LOLs a-plenty. (Probably). He has amusing chat and good pop music to fuel your procrastination. Make sure you look out for 'Funny Stuff From the TV', 'Lyrical Shmyrical', 'Poke fun at the period between Monday and Sunday' and 'Band Name Generator'. He's very excited.

URY News Special - Student Media: York Hitting the Headlines

URY News Special - Student Media: York Hitting the Headlines

Join the national award winning URY News team for a special edition of the Newshour with George Lane.

This programme covers student media on campus - With all the recent scandalus headlines and questionable reporting techiniques, is student media a useful and necessary outlet? Or are student journalists just in it for enhancing future career prospects.

We speak with the student media, York Universty Students Union, external 'student' news sources, and industry experts including BBCs Chris Smith.

Tune in at 6pm, Wednesday 26th November 2014, live on ury.org.uk

URY Gold Special: Gold Love
Two hours of the best love songs ever, email in your requests and dedications. Matt presents another URY Gold Special, highlighting the songs that have made an emotional impact on us all.
PM: V(irtual) Bar Jazz Night

What with isolation and everyone being so far away from one another, there are many things people might miss. Glasshouse Karaoke, the sport socials and the performance society shows. But what I miss most is Jazz Night at V Bar. So, what can we do? Join me, Joe Spence, for two hours of Sunday Night music to get through you this time in quarantine. We might even have a few live quiz questions throughout to keep you on your toes, and the best bit is... the music is chosen by YOU!! Tune in and be transported to the V(irtual) Bar. 

URY Brunch: Breakfast Club

Friday brunch/ breakfast with hosts Dominic Gould and Hector Macduff! (for reference on who we are listen to Insomnihour and Stage)

11 till 1 on Mondays mean its time to open up your earholes for two hours of music, mayhem and masterful radio presentation. 

Late Registration

Start your weekend with an evening of all things hip-hop. From the classics that defined the genre decades ago to singles that have come out in the past week, nothing is off limits, nothing is too mainstream or too obscure. And, as always, requests are more than welcome.

That may have been the news
All the news that didn't quite make the headlines over the past week with a great mix of music and chat. Regular features include - 'The missing link' & the 'Acoustic session'.
George Cole's Funk and Soul

This is George Cole's Funk and Soul show! exploring the best of funk, soul, disco, acid jazz and rare grooves to stimulate your mind, body and spirit! from the roots of funk through to new releases, anything goes! this unique all vinyl show will have you popping and locking way into the night. featured artists include: funkadelic, Parlament, chic, roy ayers, bootsy collins, gil scott heron, zapp, the gap band, The crusaders, ohio players, brick, the meters, van mcoy, barry white, kool and the gang, the fatback band, earth, wind and fire and MANY MORE! 

Angels of the North
Join the two Hannahs for some quality Northern banter, showbiz news and the music you want to hear.
Woodstock '05: Scassa Monakee Synth Quartet
Woodstock veterans Scassa return to headline yet again.
Week ONE :: That May Have Been the News
Join Luke, Lyndon and Laurence for all the news that didn't quite make the headlines in the week. A full packed show with the best current music, all the classic tracks and as many requests that can be squeezed in. What our listeners have to say: "Sexy, sensual, moral yet responsible" "Testosterone filled chill pill".
Technical Takeover
URY's technical guys break into the schedule to give the URY Jukebox some well deserver R&R. Expect the greatest tracks from whatever CDs we find lying around at the time, some random rambling about the squirrel I saw and complete and utter madness!
Elections '05 - Candidate Question Night
Each candidate standing in this years SU Elections is interviewed about their policies.
The Welfare show
Does what it says on the tin - a slot for all your (loosely) welfare based questions, thoughts and insights... Mandatory hangover-beating tips + tunes.

Oh the humanity! Sam and Qumarth take to the airwaves under the pretense of "making" "quality" "radio". Maybe joined by whoever we can lure into the studio...