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The Simon R Hour!
An hour of pure pleasure.
URY Gold Special: The Gold Star Songs
Email your fave Gold track of the year. Three hours of purest Gold!
URY Breakfast: Midweek Sparrow-Fart

Sparrow-Fart: "Very early in the morning!" Join Jay and Steve every week as they get up at sparrowfart purely for your entertainment. With a look at the mornings papers, some form of music and invariably some form of conversation, it's everything you would expect from a breakfast programme and more (or less).

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party

An hour of pure, unadulterated, auditory genius. #banter 

Soul Sundays

Another thing associated with the North - apart from the rain - is Northern Soul music, a scene that keeps on burning. An hour of pure soul, Motown, maybe a bit of Ska if we're feeling adventorous. An introduction to the scene beyond the odd Stevie Wonder track you've heard in the car, so put your pen down on this hazy Sunday and just enjoy.  The revival is more alive than ever - Keep the Faith.

174 BPM

A pure drum and bass show for all you drum and bass heads out there! Each week we'll be exploring all sides to drum and bass. We'll have weekly live mix's, song and gig reviews and more! Stay tuned!

Warren x Matt 

Watson's Underground Hour

An hour of purely the best underground/experimental electronic music that I have discovered either online or in record shops across the country. Ranging from house & techno, to the unique London sounds of grime and garage I will try to alternate themes each week with some shows dedicated to specific labels, genres or time periods. Depending on what mood I am in I may even throw in some Disco.

Please enjoy the dark gritty sounds of the underground.

Tech With Pickles

A show about tech! 1 Hour of pure tech madness, from Tech Gadgets to Pcs. Something for everyone!!

Colin And Matt Having A Chat

Some great chat, and even better music, as Colin and Matt get your day started right!