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Audio Violence
The hottest new tunes and the best teenage classics, from the mainstream to the obscure.
Everything Eclectic
Bringin' everythin' that is obscure yet essential.
Let's Get Liminal

An hour of minimal techno complemented by radiophonic music, sound experimentation and obscure sixties soundtracks.

Magic Roundabout
An eclectic mash-up of idle banter. the finest obscure indie, folk and alternative rock, and the worship of Chairman Mao.
Late Registration

Start your weekend with an evening of all things hip-hop. From the classics that defined the genre decades ago to singles that have come out in the past week, nothing is off limits, nothing is too mainstream or too obscure. And, as always, requests are more than welcome.

Awesome Mix, Vol. 3

A 'carefully' 'crafted' mix of music, both obscure and obvious, from the 70s, 80s, and (god forbid!) the 90s.


We are York Uni's only electronic music and DJ society, and will be providing a variety of underground genres running from Jazz and Afrobeat to UK Garage and Techno. We're aiming to educate our listeners in the most obscure and forward thinking music we could get our hands on, which means we will be getting some of our favourite selectors from York and nearby cities to provide guest mixes, as we plough through the hundreds of new releases that come out weekly. 

Homers Oddities

A selection of classic and/or obscure punk, post-punk, new wave and indie-rock, spanning many decades.

Hidden Gems

Hidden gem (idiom): something outstanding which few people may know about. New discoveries and old favourites we think you need to hear. 

The Museum of Music

Some ancient relics are just waiting to be dug up, their beauty and cultural value just begging to be displayed and dissected once again. Some however should probably stay buried. Join Professor Flora and friends as they dust off some long forgotten songs, and decide whether to enshrine them in their Musical Museum or lock them away in the vaults forever.