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Breakfast with Sean
Getting you up and keeping you up every day this week with the best new music and classic tracks.
Breaking the Mould - Summer review
A nearly comprehensive review of all the great new music you shouldn't, but still may have, missed out on over the past few months
Copy Paste
New music from all corners of the internet.
The best new music and classic tracks.
First World Problems
Classical, artistic music. Relevant powerful reviews. Ground breaking journalism. None of the above applies to this show.
New Music. The latest music from URY's music team.
FocusMusic: Breakz Takeover
New Music. The latest in underground dance music and exclusive mixes from Breakz each week.
FocusMusic: Circulation Magazine Show
New Music. Join the Circulation Magazine team as they play the latest tracks and debate issues in the world of music.
FocusMusic: Spotlight

New music. Local and campus artists live from the studio every week. Your guide to York's music scene.

FocusMusic: Warm-up to Revs
New Music. The lastest chart and R'n'B hits and the chance to win a VIP experience.
FocusMusic: Warm-up to Salvation
New Music. Your chance to win a VIP experience in Salvation, as well as the latest club remixes and hits!
FocusMusic: Warm-up to Tokyo
New Music. Your chance to win a VIP experience to Tokyo, as well as the latest club remixes and hits!
Gone to texas
A trip to nashville, country and western for all you cowboys and cowgirls. Plenty of classic american country and the best in the new music available, direct from the heart of the desert.
Laura Vs The World
Indie, punk, electro, dance, pop, old new...if you love it or hate it, come and argue with me about it. Lots of opinions, musical banter, special guests, brand new music and imaginary sandwiches. Listen if you dare.
Laura Vs Tom
Indie, punk, electro, dance, pop, old new...if you love it or hate it, come and argue with us about it. Laura picks the tunes for one half of the show, Tom picks the other half...you decide whose music taste is better. Lots of opinions, musical banter, special guests and brand new music. Listen if you dare.
Loose Connections
We pick a theme, only to evade and sidestep it for an hour, whilst playing an eclectic mix of semi-relevant music.
Musical Allsorts with James Masters
Delve into a tasty packet of eclectic tunes with James Masters. Fresh new music, blues, rock, funk, jazz - who knows what we'll unwrap.
NME Radio
The best new music, from the creators of NME Magazine
Off The Beat and Tracks
An 'anti-chart' show, exposing
the gems in new music that THE MAN won't play.

Mantra: To catch the freshest frequencies whilst they're still foetuses
PRIMETIME: The Chart Show
The all-new Chart Show including the URY Top Ten, a look at the album chart, Number Ones from around the world, the Retro Chart and the best new music (as recommended by the URY Music Team).
The best in brand new music from just about any genre. Great tunes. Interesting chat. Average banter. Special guests. Why on earth wouldn't you listen?.
Regeneration Rocks
Showcasing new music
SHOW OF THE WEEK: These Charming Men
A window into our world. George Bouras is joined by perennial guest Ed Bather for two hours of great chat, better music and the best sexual tension. Listen in for the best in indie classics, brand, brand, brand new music, electro, hip-hop, pop, Belgian balladery - anything and everything. If it's been recorded and it's any good, we might just play it.
The Bandwagon
Don't just jump on it, listen to it. Starting with one artist on the show, we'll then move on to others, which are similar, or relate - past and present, from new wave to Nu rave. Introducing listeners to a wealth of new music - broadening people's opinions.
The Daddsy Show!
A mixture of wierd and wonderful songs, and then the not so weird (but equally wonderful) ones. Playing old and new music that just doesn't get played on the major radio stations. Covering most genres from Post-Rock to Hip-Hop, and Electronica to Metal. Also Indie and selective pop.