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Bill and Ollipop
Current affairs and music, zingy-fresh and mad-talks. Hear our take on the news, our best (and earnest) attempts at balanced debate, the latest film reviews and edgy interviews with the people who MATTER. All to the most inappropriate background music we can get our hands on.
Candidate Interview Night
Join the URY News Team as they answer the questions that matter to you.
Dance Anthems
Matty J kick-starts your weekend with the latest and greatest from the world of House, Electro and Big-Room Dance Anthems!
Drivetime: Matt & Mark

Geek Watch
News and views for geeks. Basically our resident geek (Matt) will be updating our geeky target audience on the latest internet and technology happenings. May feature updates on his little wizards.... Oh and matt will be playing geek orientated music. I will play belinda carlisle as always.
Mr Box + Graveshifters = oral gratification.
James Haigh & Matt Aldridge
Music & Chat with James and Matt
London Dungeon
Matty J and Sammy D bring you the hottest, freshest, greezyest beats from the hip-hop, grime, dubstep and electro scenes to hype up your night.
Lunch with Matt & Iain

Maks FM: Takeover
No matter what the people say these tunes lead the way. It's the order of the day from your boss DJ Maks FM.
Matt Cornock
Filling up the schedule as only he can
Matt Gray
Live, or Pre-Recorded? Tune in to find out!.
Matt Gray Overnight
Playing all the great music he wasn't allowed to play at breakfast.
Matt & Mark

Matt's Friday Sound
Music you want to listen to. All the latest chart hits, mixed with a bit of rock, added indie and topped off with some good old classics. I don't play R&B. Don't forget - you can win CDs and other stuff by emailing/texting the answers to the Brainteaser, and Back-To-Back Tracks. Also - On This Day, find out what exciting things happened on this day of the year, throughout history. Go to my microsite - there are more details, games, the Brainteaser answers, a blog and more.
Matt's Thursday Sound
Spend your Thursday summer afternoon listening to your favourite tunes. Hear the best new songs first, along with nostalgic classics, broken up by chat, games, competitions and guest interviews. Send in requests, solve the brainteaser and win CDs! Enjoy the summer term with Matt's Friday Sound. Don't come here for RnB though!.
Midnight With Retrospectre
My god? Are you still awake!? You should cure that with an hour of Din and Matt, featuring old music, old jokes and tired yawnings.
Now Matt's What I Call Music!


Join Matt Windsor for an hour of URY's finest old music, from the 70s and 80s to your ears.

Retrospectre 95 with Din 'n' Matt
Join Matt the Walking Existential Crisis and Din the Magic Mole for the only way to Start(tm) your Friday evening! "Don't DOS around, tune in!~"
Retrospectre Vista
One wrong move, and it's yet another Friday with Din Cahill, Matt Windsor, and a heap of old music, bad jokes and things that go bump in the night.
Retrospectre XP Service Pack 3
"Competent" "DJ" Matt-kun and "Magic Mole" Din-san "play" the "tunes" from 1969 to 2001 and beyond. Formerly the Computer Recycling Project semi-official show!
Revenge of the Killer Soundtracks
The masters of all things soundtrack related, David and Matt, bring you the very best of music from Film, Musicals, TV & Video Games, playing everything from Tchaikovsky to the Teletubbies. We also purvey the finest film news that can be plundered from the interweb, and fill in the gaps with our unique brand of humour and chat. If you miss this show, THE SOUNDTRACKS WILL HAVE THEIR REVENGE!.
The History of URY
Former Station Manager Gill Rickson presents everything you need to know about the last 40 years of University Radio York. Produced by former Programme Controller Matt Wareham.
The Jamie and Matt Show
North meets South as radio newbs Matt and Jamie bring you music from all eras and places, musical chat and a little bit of waffle. It will make you tingle like a salt and vinegar pringle.