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3LOUD mouth's and Jack
Informal current affairs chat, with outrageously contraversial opinions on any issue you want to talk about!! A perfect way to start a weekend!!.
It's pronounced glass.
Clash of the accents, insight intothe world of Taly and David's bubble. Cost cutter price of and song of the week return.
Loud & Offensive

Opium for the Soul
Proper music, played loud, played fast and played good. Maybe. With guest presenting and razor-sharp witticisms from Chris Colyer.
Q-Man's Second Breakfast
Because you can never have enough weetos. Loud, noisy, colourful music from the 60's all the way to the present. All designed to help get yo' ass outta bed and into your daily dose of lectures. No ballads guaranteed!.
RAG Parade: LIVE
URY is in York city centre live for the 2009 RAG Parade. Broadcasting from outside the toilets, we provide the loud noise for one day only. Shoppers won't know what has hit them.
Come find us over on the other side of the lake in the Exhibition Centre - for what will be a massive prize give-away, loud entertainment, good music and your chance to GET INVOLVED with your student station.
URY @ Live & Loud - Silent Disco
URY DJs at the Live & Loud Silent Disco
In The Room with Joni Roome

The best in new music, old tunes you've mentally blocked out and wrestling theme tunes.

Joined as ever by Sir Tim Westwood and a questionable soundboard.

Always big.

The Musicmakers

Every week, Matt and Ollie trawl through the lives of some of music's greatest recording artists, both new and old, to find out what makes them tick. The writers of the classic guitar riff, the delicate jazz piano, or the catchy pop chorus gain new life as you rediscover them with the guys.




The Kerrang! Radio Tribute Show

To quote Tenacious D, "This is not the greatest radio show in the world. This is just a tribute."

I'll be bringing you a selection of Rock, Punk, Alternative, and everything inbetween, as heard this week on the great Kerrang! Radio. Live life loud!

The Food Hangover

A collection of incredibly chilled tracks to help you through your post Sunday lunch food hangover or your post Saturday night party one. No harsh or loud noises garunteed.

URY:PM - Roku Radio
Tune in to Roku Radio, the home of bad links, dubious song choices and an award winning jingle! (Not that we're milking that) Self proclaimed as "perfectly adequate" and "definitely not the worst radio in existence" strap yourself in for two hours of mixed genre music, interesting guests, fun features and a lot of laughs. Join Naomi, Kat and Will Batch for another season filled with all the usual madness, and hopefully fewer radio disasters.


Acoustics is back! 

A comedic (hopefully) and disastrous (definitely) student radio show, created in the midst of exam season to let out some steam with live acoustic sessions from upcoming artists and curious questions leading to impossible debates.

Lunch with Roku Radio

Two end-of-term lunch time specials of Roku Radio! All the fun of the weekly show but for twice as long. Join Naomi Gildert for two hours of mixed genre music, inane chatter, pointless quizzes and a lot of laughs.  

The Saturday Night Slowdown

Tired of big nights out and loud, irritating music? Wish that you could just spend Saturday evening relaxing in bed or playing video games? Well, here's the perfect excuse! Tune in and space out to the sounds of the newest, most chill electronic music with Will "voice like liquid gold" Oldfield. So, spend your saturday evening in style - sit back, unwind and enjoy!

Lights Out

One last year of specialist music - let's make it a good one. 

The biggest, loudest new music show on the station. Every week I'll be bringing you my pick of the new releases, hidden gems found from the depths of the internet and artists you've never heard of, often with a scandanavian feel to the whole thing. 

Message in via twitter, facebook or the URY website and enjoy all the fun that brings.

The SoundCloud Shakedown

Playing new trending tracks and the best electronic, hip-hop, and R&B music that soundcloud has to offer, with your host, Matt. Let me help you discover your new favourite artist and make the hours I spend procrastinating, browsing through soundcloud somewhat more worthwhile.


It's late at night and verging on being the morning. However you don't feel like going to sleep! Got work to do? Stressed? Bored? Procrastinating? Geniunely have insomnia? Well then this is the show for you! Your hosts Dom Gould and Hector Macduff will attempt to tire you out for an hour with some heavy/ fast paced tracks, with a bit of witty banter in between ;)

the chill

So it's been a long day right? But hey lectures are over, so let me take you to the land of electronic chill. From alternative and experimental to rather a lot of chillstep, turn it up loud have a lie down!

Midnight Metal

From brand new metal tracks to old classics, anything goes in this weekly celebration of metal here on URY! Requests of any sub-genre are encouraged and we'll play as many as you can. As long as it's loud, we'll play it to liven up those quiet late-night study sessions.

Fringe: Full Metal Racket

The Fringe radio show returns, bringing you both new and old tunes from the realm of metal, rock, punk and other alternative music genres! As long as it is loud and heavy, we will play it~

Nothing but Chuuuunes

A fun laid back show playing a combination of current chart hits and new music (from both new and already established artists) with a few segments - hopefully :D

What's Popping?

What's popping? Join Ellie and Zak on an epic pop adventure as we seek to find out what artists we've been sleeping on or what pop jams need to be added to your playlists asap. Get woke and let's get popping. 


Anything you can jump to, from rock to dubstep, all is welcome! Loud & Loaded has the biggest and best tunes to fill a room with energy, if it's got a good beat, it shall be played! A late night show to get York pumped for nights out (or a no holds barred night of intense studying).