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Speed Limit: C

A mix of good music, chat, quizzes and a fun look back at the University's scientific history. To celebrate the Physics department's 50th!

Cutting Shapes

Get ready for your night out in York with the best House/Future House out there (with a few classics thrown in for good measure) with your host Elliot Moran!

Includes the ARTIST SHOWCASE - three song segment from an artist I'm loving at the moment, on the half hour.

Don't miss out!

Closer to Midnight Messiah
If you give a s**t about good music then this is your show.
An Evening Joshing

A feel-good hour of Josh going off on stories about his various encounters with York's territorial wildlife, student worries and arguably informative features aswell as his varied taste in music, how could you not listen?

Warm Up to Tokyo

Selection of the latest songs and old favourites to help you through your preparations for a good night out. 

Alumni Shows: Realm of Dusk

Stewart Dennis brings 'Realm of Dusk' back to the airwaves on URY. Originally on-air between 1987 and 1990, expect to hear a mixturee of Indie / Alternative from the likes of Ride, My Bloody Valentine, The Fall, The Smiths and the Pixies plus this week Stewart delves into new albums from Steven Wilson and Bresnard Lakes.


Anything you can jump to, from rock to dubstep, all is welcome! Loud & Loaded has the biggest and best tunes to fill a room with energy, if it's got a good beat, it shall be played! A late night show to get York pumped for nights out (or a no holds barred night of intense studying). 

Student Elections Warm Up Show
Good excitable music to get you geared up for results night. Stick this on your wireless while you put your glad rags on for the free entry event in Derwent.
Mr Box + Graveshifters = oral gratification.
Opium for the Soul
Proper music, played loud, played fast and played good. Maybe. With guest presenting and razor-sharp witticisms from Chris Colyer.
Green Dykes
Cool music and Good times.
Freshers Fair
URY live from the heart of Freshers Fair in the Physics Concourse. Come find out more about your station. There's CDs to give away courtesy of CD-WOW! and the infamous URY goodies.
The Russell Truran Show
Late Night Fun with Russ! There's lots for you to enjoy including Quiz of the Week, Name That Tune, Guess The Webcam Face and Higher or Lower? with lots of really rubbish prizes up for grabs. Not forgetting Joke of the Week, and much much more! All in all it's just what you want to hear after a good night out.
Mad Hatter's Chatter
Idle chatter, tunes and general madness.It's mad, it's chatter... occasionally we may even wear hats.
URY:PM - An Evening Joshing

Two feel-good hours of Josh playing some fantastic music as well him going off on stories about his various encounters with York's territorial wildlife, pathetically terrifying experiences on his bike and arguably informative features, how could you not listen?

The Special K Show
The show with good tunes and off the wall banter! Top songs with a twist toward Summer, coupled with funny banter taking in Current Affairs, University life and personal tales are the order of the day.
air time

 playing and discussing good music

Best of Bandcamp

A show devoted to the finding of good quality, free music from the website bandcamp. If you enjoy music, but have little money and a clean consience then this is the show for you. After each show i will post the links to find each song i play, and the album it came from, completely free. 

10,000 Spoons
A light-hearted end to the first week of term. There will be talk of the holidays, snow and good times ahead - all beautifully intertwined with some classic tunes from Bex's juxebox.
The Evening Show With Alex Boyall
The music is good, if I ever stop talking and play some, so grab some food and drink, sit back, and relax listening to your favourite show!
Stevie and Steve-O
Pop, Rock, Funk, Acoustic, Jazz, Rap, Punk, Orchestral, etc. Whatever’s good, we’ll play.
We are live from Goodricke Hall! The heats are over but we still need to find the 'best' band - join us Monday and Tuesday nights for awesome sounds.
The (Bi)Weekly Muddle

It's Gina and Jamie. It's third year. We're still on the radio. We're still funny. Tune in. 

The Night Call

A show dedicated to all things synthwave, the breakout electronic genre featuring old-school synths inspired by the pop hits and movie soundtracks of the 1980's. James and Bernie will drive you through the night across the genre's expansive indie scene, with the occasional genuine retro hit for good measure. If you're a fan of contemporary styles and still wish we used cassettes, then this is the show for you!

Wall Of Sound

Join Adam Bowers and Hollie Parker for Wall Of Sound, a show featuring a good number of different genres including folk, jazz, house, blues, alt rock, electro-swing, and metal. A bit of talking too.