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Cricketcast from Bailrigg FM.
Ashes to Smashes

The show is based on Tennis and Cricket. Each week Nick and I will be discussing the latest news on world Cricket and Tennis as well as a section on 'the best of all time' where we have a debate on who we believe to be the best cricketers and tennis players, e.g. best opening batsmen of all time or the best defensive tennis players. There will also be a brief quiz section each week such as 'guess the grunt'. 

URY Sport Report

Join the URY Sport team for the latest action and analysis from sport on campus and around the world! 

The Reverse Sweep

 From (semi) serious discussion about topical cricket news and debates of the day, to chat and quizzes with guests who don't know their silly point from their cow corner, this light hearted, medium paced, one hour chat show takes the covers off and sweeps absolutely anything to do with our weird and wonderful sport. We will also complile the ulitmate dream cricket tea across the series. If you're already a badger, then you're at home. If not, then hopefully you will be soon.