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Roses 2019

Join URY and Bailrigg FM for a weekend of sporting action from #Roses2019, as hosts York attempt to seize back the crown from visiting rivals Lancaster

URY N&S: Fake News

Join us every Friday at 2pm for our 6th Season of Fake News - a topical commentary on politics and current affairs. We'll play a mixture of relevant songs and music we've been listening to, whilst doing our best to remain within neutrality guidelines. 


Join URY as we discuss everything American Football until the very early hours of the morning while we comment on Super Bowl LII as the New England Patriots go head to head against the Philadelphia Eagles. With a half-time preformance from Justin Timberlake live in U.S Bank Stadium, Minneapolis. Will the Patriots domination continue or will the Eagles soar high?

What Matters, with Clark Brydon

Today's world is so dense, ever-changing, and fast: the amount of notifications we get to our phones every day is overwhelming, but what really matters? Tune in for current affairs chat, space for reflection on the salient news, and some music to break up the mundanity of it all! 

Roses 2012
Join us throughout Roses weekend as we bring you live commentaries and updates on the biggest sporting event of the year!
ROSES 2014: Sunday LIVE

All the action from the final day of the largest varsity tournament in Europe, brought to you LIVE by ((URY)) and Bailrigg FM. Including full commentary of the women's football, mountain biking and BAKING as well as much more!

Super Bowl Sunday XLVIII

Join Harry Whittaker and Eiron Page, two self-professed American Football ignoramuses, as they attempt to make sense of the Super Bowl and offer an insightful play-by-play commentary on the events of the evening. Matt Bramall, who does know about the game, will be on hand to lend guidance and expertise where they are most desperately needed.

Oscars 2016 Live

Join URY for the 88th Academy Awards Ceremony where we will be revealing all the winners of the most sought-after award of the season, as well as providing you with up-to-the-minute commentary of the show itself, and all the latest celeb gossip!

Simmer down Sunday

Grab a hot drink and a biscuit, and take some time to relax on Sunday. An hour of easy-going songs from any decade and genre, intermixed with chat about the week gone by with commentary on any and all news.

URY Newshour

 The stories making campus headlines. Plus reaction and analysis from the national award-winning URY News team

The NFL Blitz Overtime

The NFL never stops, therefore The NFL Blitz boys can't either. We return for Thursday to preview the upcoming games in the NFL as well as talking about anything else that we can loosely tie to football from across the pond.

The Sports Blitz

From Football to Formula One and Basketball to Baseball, the world of sport never stops. Alex, Josh, Will and others present a weekly show looking at the week's big sporting news, topics and events with debates, ranting and the worst predictions you've ever heard. For the podcast version of the show, go to anchor.fm/alex-woodward29 or search for 'The Sports Blitz' on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Radio Public or Breaker

College Cup Final LIVE!
Join us for build up and LIVE commentary of the College Cup Final with Jack Bradshaw and James Tompkinson!
The NFL Blitz

URY's self-declared best NFL radio show. Alex, Josh and Will dissect all from the week of NFL football and news.

Roses 2014: Friday LIVE

All the action from the first day of the largest varsity tournament in Europe, brought to you LIVE by ((URY)) and Bailrigg FM. Including full commentary of the opening ceremony, Mens 1sts Football and much more!

Award winning chatter, or some other joke

Straight off the back of the YUMAs. URY and friends continue their impromtu commentary and random chatter.

Joss and Jen at 4PM
Joss and Jennie's feature-packed afternoon, providing the mildly sarcastic commentary to all your favourite tunes.
An Hour with Grumpy Jim
An interesting show, in which a gentlemen known only as Grumpy Jim gives his typically pessimistic views on the world around him. Jim discusses everything from politics to sport, from Amy Winehouse to Linsay Lohan and from Glasgow to York, which coincidentally is the train he's supposedly getting. A highly amusing hour of poor quizes, poor news, interesting songs and a running commentary of the whole lot.
The New Messiah
Always Amazing Music. Occasional Interesting Commentary. Random special guests.
Roses 2013: Sunday LIVE
All the action from the final day of the largest varsity tournament in Europe brought to you LIVE by ((ury)). Including full commentary of Men's 1st Football and much more.
Sladerous comments and general rubbish...
Formula 1 Live

Join Yousuf bin-Suhayl for Live Coverage of F1 races and Qualifying

Roses 2018


College Varsity 2020: Rugby Union

Live and exclusive commentary as James College represent York against Durham's Hatfield College in this Men's Rugby Union A fixture, as York begins its attempt to reclaim the College Varsity Trophy!

Almost Educational

Join us as we chat for an hour about some new science news, some old science news, and some random other nerdy nonsense. Plus whatever vaguely related song we pull out the aether.

Remember to send us your comments, questions, and topics you want to hear via the website, text, or, if we're off-air, tweet @ury1350 with the hashtag #AlmostEdu