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An hour of completely chilled out tunes to help escape from the everyday stress of student life. A compilation of the best acoustic tunes and relaxed songs around.
Transport your mind in not just 4/4 time. If you need a fix with electronics in aural form, our show has just the medicine. Sampling the rich and diverse landscape of the electronica scene and its sub-genres, we'll ease you in with some of the most hypnotic chilled-out beats and through out the hour step up the pace, leading up to the crescendo of Moo's Mix that will get you in the mood to paint Jorvik röt. If you want the best Muzik? - Then Hedfontik!.
Join me and a variety of special guests in musical heaven for some Sunday fun. The perfect place to end your week.
Sunday Love Songs with Will and Fran
Requests and dedications for that special someone in your life. Will and Fran bring you an hour of laid-back lovesongs and chilled out hits.
URY Lunch: "The Midweek Pick-Me-Up"
Two hours of tunes to help through revision, and the end of term
Stay Classy

An hour of varied music featuring a mixture of all time classics and classics in the making, perfect for a chilled Saturday evening in.

Mid-afternoon with Matt

Chilled music to destress after a tough day of procrastinating....I mean work

Mad Sounds

A variety of chilled out music and chats. Music to make your spine tingle and your body dissolve, from indie hits to remixes of all your favourite tunes.

The Food Hangover

A collection of incredibly chilled tracks to help you through your post Sunday lunch food hangover or your post Saturday night party one. No harsh or loud noises garunteed.

Simmer down Sunday

Grab a hot drink and a biscuit, and take some time to relax on Sunday. An hour of easy-going songs from any decade and genre, intermixed with chat about the week gone by with commentary on any and all news.

Welcome to our House

A relaxed show ideal for a chilled out pre's, mainly about the music with a tendency to play house music. Tune in give a request and enjoy. 

A Break With KitKat

A chilled out music/chat show featuring interesting guests and playing music from the likes on Ben Howard, Dry The River, The XX... 

The Weekend Wind-down with Christian

Chilled electronic, hip-hop, acoustic and just about every other genre of music rolled into one hour. I'm Christian and I'll be helping you through that last-minute revision, the 'Monday is approaching' sobbing on the floor or however you're spending your Sunday evening!

Musical Odyssey

The show will be discussing interesting evets that have occured within the press, tabloids and political sphere. It is really a way to inspire people to be more open with their views - and be able to share them without receiving judgement on their beliefs. 

These little talks will be filled with bursts of music of all genres - ranging from the effortless glamour of Lana Del Rey to the psychedelic music of Arctic Monkeys. I have quite a wide range of preferences and there will most definetly be something for everyone!!!

Kick back Sundays with Kate

It's not just sundays that are chilled; Kate's Kick Back show introduces you to some of the most soothing, feel-good indie and folk music to finish off your weekend nicely and get you geared up ready for the week ahead, along with some good ol' general Northern chit-chat. 

The Late Night Bass Podcast

The LNB Podcast is an evening podcast hosting predominantly Drum & Bass music. Host, Matt Horton's in-depth electronic music knowledge informs listeners with everything happening in the scene. Expect an enormous variety of Drum & Bass ranging from the most chilled to the most brutal as well as everything in between.


Late night, laid back, alternative hip-hop. Tracks from big names and fresh faces, straight out of the UK and new places, periodically punctuated with chilled out chat.

Reach out. Tune in.

Catch you on the (radio) waves

A general chat show, light hearted fun conversations with entertainment (basically a good old nitter natter).

Pop songs, comedy, horoscope, quizzes, games


An eclectic mix of chilled pop songs and jazz.

URY Speech: Jazz Hands

Procrastinating from her uni studies, Carrie spends an hour talking all things musical theatre from past to present. An afternoon of thespian magic, this chilled radio show will have you singing all things Broadway.

Yorking Heads: Nite Flights

A more relaxed version of Yorking Heads, playing some chilled classics to get you through the night.

Indie Archive

"Indie Archive" is a Music Show presented by Olly Hilton. It will showcase music from the later decades of the 20th century all the way until the modern day, illustrating all of the differences and similarities between yesterday's and today's indie tracks.

Back again with the chill behaviour

Matt is back in York to check out all this cool FM stuff.

Be ready for a nice chilled show of new and old stuff, hopefully something will tickle your fancy!

Brunch: Elevenses

Welcome to elevenses where I, your host Zoë, will chat about music, pop culture and anything else that comes to mind. Brining fun segments, relaxed music and all round good vibes; it's the place to be whether your finishing up working for the week or getting ready for the next. 

Nat's easy listening hour

Join Nathaniel for a relaxed hour of chilled-out music and talk. A range of music will be played, from ambient music to artists' more mellow deep cuts.