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Man In A Shed
Your weekly adventure in sound! Each week I'll be presenting an hour's worth of classic tracks based on a different particular genre or theme, from classic British post-punk, to East Coast hip-hop, to 60 jazz, soul and funk, and everything in between. If you're already a fan of the weeks special focus then you're sure to hear some of your favourites. If you're not, then the show will be a great way to start! This week, for the debut, I'll be playing a set of great 70s and 80s British post punk and shoegaze, so expect an hour of Joy Division, Public Image Limited, The Cure, Siouxsee and the Banshees, The Fall, Wire, Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine and more awesomeness! Listener participation is always appreciated, so if you have a personal post-punk favourite, then please, request it on air and I'll see if I can fit it in.
Music Team Presents: Cardiacs Special
Daddsy explores the music and history of British punk-proggers Cardiacs. Expect interviews, musical highlights, influences and much more...
North Vs. South
North or South? Show your allegiance to your side of the country. Listen to the only music show that sees the country divided in a banter-lead battle of the best of the British music scene, past and present. Hannah (of the North) and Charlie (of the South) attempt to argue their way to an unresolved conclusion every week as they fight to prove that their respective ends of the country shaped the face of British music. Alternate tracks help to make their points along with special guests and North/South divide based facts and news.
URY:PM - The SRA Selector with Alex Light
Brand new to URY is the SRA version of the British Council and Folded Wing production, The Selector; focusing on bringing the best new british music to the airwaves every week. Join Alex Light as he guides you through the best from around the UK but also what's hot in York, featuring live sessions with up and coming artists, interviews and maybe even a few prize giveaways make it your essential weekend treat!
This radio show is an SRA-affiliated version of The Selector and NOT the official Selector for The British Council show. 
To listen to The Selector for The British Council, presented by Goldierocks, please go to http://selector-radio.com

Top TV Themes

Fortnightly show focusing on the best of TV theme songs from TV addict Jack Rewcroft. Each show will be focusing on a different genre of television and compile the best songs from each one. The show will mainly focus on British TV with some special shows featuring songs from around the globe. 

So It Went

So It Went is a commentary on the moments of music history that shaped the landscape of todays modern sounds, between Harry (who knows things about music) and George (who doesn't). From the British Invasion to Madchester, and anything else we can think of, all will be discussed.

That OB from....

In order too justify the vast expense of time, effort, and finances I have invested on my long range wifi antenna. I'm going to be doing a series of random outside broadcasts from locations in the middle of nowhere. Depending on how well I set up my kit, there may even be music and live interviews over skype/my mobile. Feel free too enable my eccentricities by listening.

Brown Boys

In this podcast, three British-Brown Boys discuss relevant issues, from culture to family to religion.

Alumni Shows: At Last The 1981 Show

Reaching back in time, the show formerly known as Throwback to the 80s focuses its laser-like gaze on the clusterf**k that was 1981 in British pop.

Speech Showcase: Wasteland

Speech Showcase series presents the newest and best fiction material appearing from URY! Tune in for your fix of drama, comedy and something inbetween



The wasteland spans the country that used to be Britain. The people within are no longer British. Rather they are Galli, slavers, traders, NEM and rebels. War rages, touching every part of the wastelander’s lives. But will they be able to make something of this forlorn world, or will the wasteland swallow them whole?
This show is written and directed by Hannah Fitzgerald, produced by Connie Blach and Hannah Fitzgerald.
Starring Thomas Cornell as Watcher (ROB), Jessica Bellamy as Brenna, Sam Pittman as Frank, Abel Kent as Hal and Jessica Schofield as Click. Also featuring Geo Craig as Greg, Filippo Del Bo as Fosforillion and Al Dixon, Zoe Pavey and Adam Forsythe as background.

URY Does The BRIT Awards 2021

It only comes round once a year, but the music team will be telling your their hot takes and predictions about the Brit Awards and the winners as it goes out live on air. Basically we are just planning on being Jack Whitehall but infinetely less funny. Tune in to arguably the biggest BritPop night of the year <3