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Chris and Hilary Get You Started
Politics, music, books and...probably some features, this is a good wind-down from the week just gone with a serious discussion and stupid jokes all in one big brilliant mixing pot.

The rivalry between York and Lancaster has a long history, full of conflict. Stemming from the War of the Roses that caused decades of civil war in the fifteenth century, this fierce rivalry lives on in the form of the largest inter-university sports tournament in Europe.

This year, #RosesAreWhite.

URY Brunch: Breaking Brunch

Easy like a Sunday morning... join Will Rawlinson, Britt Borkan and Katie Garnett every week for 2 hours of brunch-time banter, music hits and weekly games. So whether you're whipping up those pancakes or hitting the books at the lib, tune in at 11am to start your week the right way!

Georgie and Angie's Book Corner

Love literature? Want to find out more about all your favourite reads? Join us for the latest literary updates, exclusive interviews with local authors and much more!

Let's Get Lit(erary)!

We like books. Do you like books? Let's all like books together.

Our show consists of us chatting about our favourite books and authors. Each session we will have a book club, talking about one specific book chosen the week before. The music of the show will be songs that remind us of the books we focus on that week.

Keoni's Literary Fest

Keoni reads a book, but it has to be one in the public domain probably because of copyright or something.

Books and Breakfast

Join Scarlet for a whimsical journey through her favourite poetry, books and more accompanied by a cup of tea and maybe her uneaten breakfast! It's early so grab a cup of something warm and have a lovely lie-in with your radio on!

Book club Radiowave

Every week will be a setlist of songs themed around a particular book trying to capture the mood and vibe of said book. Essentially this is my way of talking about the books I'm reading without annoying my friends! Feel free to read each weeks book as they will be posted on Instagram @bookclubradiowave 1 week before the show!

Full English Breakfast with Ellie and Emma

Join Ellie and Emma (struggling English students) for a morning of books, bangers and breakfast boogies - grab a brew and start your day sunny side up!

Sounds of Summer

Exam season is drawing to a close and the sun is shining, sounds like summer is here! Ditich the textbooks, pop your shades on, and join Jess for an hour of happy and summery tunes to get the good vibes going - don't forget SPF!

Virtual Light, URY's Speech show

show for the speech team, mainly just to talk about things related to speech or something interesting I read about that week.