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An Introduction To...
Weekly musical education on artists and genres from the worlds of funk, rock, electro and many more.
Battle of the Bands: SEMI-FINALS
URY brings you full coverage of this year's Battle of the Bands semi-finals. As well as full sets from the bands you'll hear interviews with the artists and debate and discussion from our panel.
Battle of the Bands: THE FINALS
URY brings you full coverage of this year's Battle of the Bands final. As well as full sets from the bands you'll hear interviews with the artists and debate and discussion from our panel.
Chicken soup for the soul!
A delectable and delicious blend of dance chillout. mixed with amazing acoustic tracks from both well known and underappreciated artists! Perfect for a lazy day or as a hangover cure!.
Christmas For Thee 3 hour Special
A music show; everything from folk to techno via warm fuzzy pop songs and jangly americana. Interviews with artists, specials on some of the pioneers out there at the moment and reports back from sweaty pub gigs around "The North".
Drowning In Punk
Specialist Punk, Hardcore, Oi, Ska and Reggae show looking at new minor label artists as well as some bigger bands and older classics
FocusMusic: Spotlight

New music. Local and campus artists live from the studio every week. Your guide to York's music scene.

Girls On Top
Sexy ladies take over the airwaves in this show dedicated to female artists! Good fun for girls and boys alike, there will be a good mix of awesome tunes and classy banter. Safe!.
H Block Rock
A melange of classic rock which most of you won't have heard from artists most of you will have heard of. This being our first ever show, we'll be trying to give a sense of what the show will be about and the kinds of things we'll be playing. May include the odd well-known track.
The Beatz Show
Listen in and relax for an hour to hear some of the best songs from UK and US artists in the Urban music scene.
The Scott Show Select-Show
The weekday afternoon edition of the Sunday morning show. This is the only where we open our music archives in 'Chain Connection', where we analyse the news stories of the day, conduct live recipes you can do at home and cover the all so important 'Campus News' of the day. This and new artists, momentus covers and warm-up-to-the-weekend request fest.
The Warmup to Woodstock
Tom and Toast's 24 Hour Takeover: Live sessions from artists who'll feature in Woodstock, games, competitions and appearances throughout the day from anyone who's anyone on campus.
URY Breakfast - The Duvet Lifters
This is the show to get you out from under that duvet. Packed with the finest blend of rare and not-so-rare music beans. Years of meticulous development have resulted in a show with the sole aim of easing human life back to the vertical. With his encyclopedic knowledge of swathes of artists, and his penchant for all things Bushy, Hugh provides the main musical drive. His quirky tracks, mixed in with more conventional fayre, are bound to excite the ears. James will make sure Morrissey and Goldfrapp get their airtime. With its easy going chatter and continual references to mugs of coffee, listeners will be reaching for the kettle before they know it.
URY BREAKFAST: Tunes on a Spoon
The timings right and the rhymes are tight. Join Tom and Lewis for bangin breakfast banter, original jingles and fantastic features with a lovely injection of urban and hiphop tunes. Brand new features, more insane interviews with the likes of artists such as Beardyman, and more of those classic tunes you can't live without!.
URY Gold: Matt's Final Show
Matt leaves URY with two hours of his favourite songs and artists, shared just with you. Send your final emails to gold@ury.york.ac.uk.
URY: Hip Hop
The hottest hip hop joints, mad exclusives and big dawg artists. We bring you the best of RnB, hip hop and soul.
Northern Soul
A show dedicated to playing sounds from Northern Bands and occasionally songs from foreign artists that have a northern sound to them
at the alter.
Music show for Music fans. Introducing up-and-coming artists and playing cutting edge alternative music.
The Musicmakers

Every week, Matt and Ollie trawl through the lives of some of music's greatest recording artists, both new and old, to find out what makes them tick. The writers of the classic guitar riff, the delicate jazz piano, or the catchy pop chorus gain new life as you rediscover them with the guys.




George Cole's Funk and Soul

This is George Cole's Funk and Soul show! exploring the best of funk, soul, disco, acid jazz and rare grooves to stimulate your mind, body and spirit! from the roots of funk through to new releases, anything goes! this unique all vinyl show will have you popping and locking way into the night. featured artists include: funkadelic, Parlament, chic, roy ayers, bootsy collins, gil scott heron, zapp, the gap band, The crusaders, ohio players, brick, the meters, van mcoy, barry white, kool and the gang, the fatback band, earth, wind and fire and MANY MORE! 

URY:PM - Express Non-Stop

Multiple flavours of pop stuffed into a marathon of elation! 

Join me every week as I present an audible anti-depressant to brighten up your day and maybe get you up on your feet!!

Expect to hear my favourite artists such as Danish pop sensation Alphabeat, Manc duo The Ting Tings, dance queen Lady Gagaand probably a bit of S Club!

URY:PM - Roku Radio
Tune in to Roku Radio, the home of bad links, dubious song choices and an award winning jingle! (Not that we're milking that) Self proclaimed as "perfectly adequate" and "definitely not the worst radio in existence" strap yourself in for two hours of mixed genre music, interesting guests, fun features and a lot of laughs. Join Naomi, Kat and Will Batch for another season filled with all the usual madness, and hopefully fewer radio disasters.


Acoustics is back! 

A comedic (hopefully) and disastrous (definitely) student radio show, created in the midst of exam season to let out some steam with live acoustic sessions from upcoming artists and curious questions leading to impossible debates.

Open The Pit

Open The Pit: Hardcore music for hardcore people! + a tad of chill and acoustic when the time is right! 

AJ Sessions

AJ Sessions is all about exposing music and people. It's jam-packed with new and exciting material as well surprising you with some live artists for hot interviews and unique performances. So tune in, it's time! Get ready to be blown away...