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The Graveyard Shift
Ah so it's that time of night again, you're either asleep or desperately writing that essay in for tommorow. Well don't worry, i'm totally here to help! Thats with music, i'm not actually going to write your essay.
The Wellington Tea Party
Good music, an interesting guest and an amazing radio soap. Jess and Laura started on URY by writing the radio soap for the YUMA winning "Amazing Josh and Russell Show". They now want to branch out on their own with an hour-long show featuring an interview with a campus "celebrity" and a radio soap called the "Halifax Pirates" which will feature the brightest and best of DramaSoc. Erudite and occasionally silly, this will be a fun factual, speech show with a few corking tunes.
Fishtail: tales of sounds and words

A series of four specials exploring the relationship between sounds and words and other forms of art. Each week, we will be discussing the connections between different pieces of work with a series of special guests. We'll be featuring great and innovative music, writing and art written by our favourite established artists and york students.

The idea of fishtail comes from Ouroboros, which is the image of a fish or reptile biting its own tail. It signifies something that is constantly recreating itself, something that pre-existed and is so powerful that it must continue. Of course, it also comes from the notion of a fisherman's tale. In our programme, we're going to be 'biting our tales' and circulating from one art form to the next.

Matt Windsor's PhD Procrastination

Matt Windsor should really be writing up his thesis.  Instead, he's doing yet another URY radio show, focusing on music older than him sandwiched between awkward observations about life as a washed-up postgraduate.  Oh dear.

Roll With It

Join Hesandi and Q for an impulse-based storytelling adventure based on luck, chance and hopefully basic literacy! 

One Tune Led to Another...

The show where each song has a connection to the last. From classic collaborations and sensational sampling to the most unexpected writing credits, creating one long train of musical mayhem! Let's see how far we can go...