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2009 Top 20 with Martyn Williams
You've been voting for weeks, now it's your chance to hear the 20 biggest songs of 2009 as voted for by YOU.
Martin's late night final.
Every genre has awesome music. Don't believe me? Check it out and i'll definitely prove it to you. Except ska, ska doesn't make good music. You should also listen to my show if you never want to hear scouting for girls or the killers "Are we human" EVER AGAIN. week 2 - power pop is amazing week 3 - country can be good too week 4 - William shatner week 5 - Top gun and other power ballads week 6 - 2009 indie that will be good week 7 - 2009 indie that will be amazing week 8 - you totally didn't see these coming.
Martyn Williams
Not sure how to get from five to seven? MartYn Williams will tell you.
Martyn Williams as Steve Gardner
He's Steve really!.
Martyn Williams: US Elections Warmup
Join Martyn Williams for an hour of great music as he warms you up for the US Election Results Show.
PRIMETIME: Martyn Williams
Join Martyn and the team for a fun filled show of great music and entertainment. Includes Stop The Clock Quiz game.
URY Breakfast: Martyn Williams
He's the Martyn spelt with a 'y'. Yes the other Martyn Williams at URY brings you great music, lifestyle chat, entertainment news, fun and games to put a smile on your face.
URY BREAKFAST: Martyn Williams
Another term of great music, lifestyle, entertainment news and fun and games to put a smile on your face.
((ury)) Breakfast with Dave Williams
A freshly-ground, aromatic blend of current affairs and the music YOU want, sprinkled with "intriguing" trivia. A full-bodied start to your morning!
((URY)) Breakfast with Dave Williams
Dave returns with URY's answer to caffeine. Refreshed features, current affairs (serious...or not), and eclectic music that you can have your say in!
URY Breakfast with Dave Williams
The show that aims to get your Thursday morning started in style. Top-quality wake-up records, a chance for you to share your views on the news of the day...oh, and some random features too.
URY BREAKFAST with Dave Williams
Dave eases you into Wednesday morning with a healthy dollop of news, sport, entertainment and classy(ish) tunes. Have your say on what I play - request your favourite song, and I'll see what I can do...
((URY)) Breakfast with Dave Williams: Series VI
Dave returns with URY's answer to caffeine. Refreshing features, current affairs (serious...or not)and eclectic music that you can have your say in!
URY Breakfast with Dave Williams: Series VII
An aromatic and refined blend of current affairs, motivational music, and intriguing trivia to get you ticking over of a morning. Lend me your ears...
URY Breakfast with Martyn Williams
2 hours of great music, news, celebrity gossip. Your finger on the pulse of what's going on round campus.
URY Breakfast with William Chalk and Charles Lewis
All the best Indie and Alternative music, with a drop of chart stuff thrown in for good measure, and an appropriate amount of high jynx.
URY Club Classics
Join Martyn Williams for 2 hours of the best music, designed to get you ready for your big night out. Get in contact and request your favourite song to get you in the mood. The party always starts with URY!.
URY Lunch: Martyn Williams
With some of the best music on campus Martyn Williams takes you through Freshers Wednesday.
URY Primetime: Martyn Williams
Quiz game 'Stop the Clock', Headlines, Entertainment cuts, Sports news, Amazing but true, great music and much much more.
My jeans are skinnier than yours. Catering for York student's finer music tastes, Williams and Waistcoat present the best in Indie from the most established names to the most up-and-coming bands. Played between news, reviews and essential information, URY INDIE is the most exciting and most important source of great music on campus.
Valentines Morning- with Martyn Williams
Ease yourself into valentines day with Martyn Williams. Hear your requests and dedications along with the best love songs of all time.
Week 1- URY Breakfast: Martyn Williams
Get yourself up with Martyn.
William Benzies

William Benzies & Guests
From Kid 606 to The Thai Elephant Orchetsra to the Parliament to the Moon. All 100% real music.
William Benzies & Guests