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The English Soc Hour
Members of York English Society present a varied hour of radio. Expect something different each week. Visit the Facebook group for more information.
WWD - Week Warm Down
Listen in for a weekend warm down of light hearted humour and varied music. Everything from Radio GaGa to Radio HaHa.
Stay Classy

An hour of varied music featuring a mixture of all time classics and classics in the making, perfect for a chilled Saturday evening in.

The award winning hour long radio segment

A radio segment which lasts for an hour. Music interspersed with speech.

All Things Go

A show based around your requests, "All Things Go" - If appropriate of course. The show will vary from all sorts of genres and we will play as many of your requests. We will also fit in a few of our own requests too, but make sure you listen in as you can take control this hour.

Midweek Marauders

Five weeks out of ten, I present this show on Wednesday. Thus spawned the title of this programme. The word 'Maraud' means to loot. In this case, we maraud for ears!

Marauding through the URY Vaults and his own personal collection, Elliott Ball brings you an all vinyl show of varied music.

An Evening Joshing

A feel-good hour of Josh going off on stories about his various encounters with York's territorial wildlife, student worries and arguably informative features aswell as his varied taste in music, how could you not listen?