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All New Front-ears
Two presenters. Two stations. One unforgettable show. Four years in the making, the Front-ears formula is perfected to take you on a eclectic journey through World Music. Now also available on Fréquence Mistral. Leave your passport on your desk, we cut out the hassle of customs to bring you the freshest International Beats. Then we drag you back to the Embassy for a debauched disco of dirty melodies, exploring Electronica in all its most exotic forms. All New Front-ears: Travelling never sounded so sweet!.
Animal Hospital
Nursing twee indie-pop dachshunds, post-punk canaries and filthy blues turtles back to full health. Without the help of ageing Australian do-gooders. Presented by Tom Nightingale, Jason Hilton and Tim Douglas.
Beats and Bobs
An eclectic mix of Hip-hop, RnB, Jazz and Electronic music to guide you through to tomorrow.
Blind Peter Potomaic and the Friends of the Devil
All the great music that doesn't get aired. The best music you never heard.
College Cup Final LIVE!
Join us for build up and LIVE commentary of the College Cup Final with Jack Bradshaw and James Tompkinson!
Environment + Ethics - Grumpy Jim and Tom Herbert
A topical show discussing the various ways in which the environment and moral issues were completely ignored in the past week -God bless trees, but not us.
Indie Ian & Tom

Laura Vs Tom
Indie, punk, electro, dance, pop, old new...if you love it or hate it, come and argue with us about it. Laura picks the tunes for one half of the show, Tom picks the other half...you decide whose music taste is better. Lots of opinions, musical banter, special guests and brand new music. Listen if you dare.
Live At The Witch Trials
Host Tom 'The Bomb' Killingbeck and some very 'special' guests take you on a magic carpet ride into the darkest depths of underground music. With topical comedy, sexual tension, heated musical debate and far-out features, there's something for everyone. From psychedelia to hip-hop, doom metal to girl group pop, and post-punk to jazz, we'll be playing you the past, present and future of all the music your mother warned you about, right on past witching hour...
New Generation Society
The New Generation Society (NGS) is a non-partisan group promoting a new form of political dialogue, outside conventional party politics. We believe that it is the responsibility of our generation, those who are students or young adults today, to stand up and face the problems of tomorrow. We want to reconnect our generation with politics, and encourage new ideas on the issues that we will shortly be responsible for tackling.
Talk On The Wild Side
Host Tom 'The Bomb' Killingbeck and some very 'special' guests take you on a magic carpet ride to all the corners of the musical world, from the DIY underground to its commercial zenith. With topical comedy, sexual tension, heated musical debate and far-out features, there's something for everyone - we'll be spinning everything from psychedelia to hip-hop, krautrock to girl group pop, and post-punk to classic soul. Come listen to the past, present and future of music, and be vaguely entertained by our gay banter.
Thank Foxy it's Freshers' Week!
Tom "Foxy Boxy" Boxall brings you Freshers' week as you've never heard it before! Plenty of chat, news and great music to get your term off to a bang! Not to mention the return of a little feature named WAFFLEWATCH!!.
The Children's Hour
If you don't like this song, wait for the next one. As eclectic as is possible. I'll be playing leftfield hip-hop, electronica, dubstep, acid, ragga, psych rock, genuine indie, lots of music from the currently burgeoning weird-folk scene, reggae, dub, world music and Tom Waits. I will also report back from the many gigs I attend with examples of what was played.
The DAndy Lie-In
Utterly unecessary yet brilliantly bizarre - the 'Late Breakfast' returns. We've accepted that we're never going to make prime time, but we'll be damned if it'll bring us down! The Late Breakfast is a mixture of killer tunes (when we figure out how to play them) with cutting-edge dialogue to match. We like to think we're funny, but we're fully prepared to accept we're not. Packed full of wacky guests and pointless featurettes, there is no stone we leave unturned, no bird un...stoned and, well you get the idea. Bottom line - we're fun, eclectic with a serious love of all kinds of music thrown in! If that isn't enough, we have our very own Leprechaun - beat that.
The Graveyard Shift
Ah so it's that time of night again, you're either asleep or desperately writing that essay in for tommorow. Well don't worry, i'm totally here to help! Thats with music, i'm not actually going to write your essay.
The MattTomatics Show
Emptying our mind-tank all over your airwaves. The freshest concepts on campus. Keeping it simple: good honest chat and top class music with the boys.
The Open Mike Night... with Tom and Mike
The show with more features than a face.

Join Tom and Mike for informal chat as we celebrate our musical diversity.
The Tom and Joe Alphabet Show
Music and topical discussion based around a different letter of the alphabet every week.
The Tom and Joe Show
Tom and Joe return with their award-winning radio show, ready to cut loose and show York how it's done.
The Tom Jaxxon Show
Pretty much whatever with Tom '4X' Jaxxxxon.
The URY Football Show
James Tompkinson and guests bring you your weekly football fix on The URY Football Show! Tune in for high quality football chat and great music!
The URY PM show with Tom Holmes and Kat Ronson
The Velvet Undergrads
Late night weirdness for all fearless freaks. Dive headfirst into our interstellar abyss of sounds. Join DJs Skeletor, Leisure, Maximum Synergy, SwordfishTomJones, Boring and Danger Pussy as we spin the freshest, creamiest, most br00tal cuts from the darkest corners of the known musical galaxy. Features include the ever-popular Desert Island Fists, gnarled riffs from the Metal Hospital and expert feline fashion direction. Stay safe.
The Warmup to Woodstock
Tom and Toast's 24 Hour Takeover: Live sessions from artists who'll feature in Woodstock, games, competitions and appearances throughout the day from anyone who's anyone on campus.
Tom and Kat
Fun Filled, Tune heavy and all the on campus gossip and fun. Tune in to win prizes, hear great chat and the best duo on Radio URY at that time of day!