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The Special K Show
The show with good tunes and off the wall banter! Top songs with a twist toward Summer, coupled with funny banter taking in Current Affairs, University life and personal tales are the order of the day.
URY Evening Selection: The Traffic Jam-Session!
The University of York Comedy Society tries to help make your drive home as fun as possible. Cracking Jokes, Telling tales and playing great tunes, hosted by URY favourites Phil Oldershaw and Grant Bradley.
URY Lunch with Daz
Daz finishes off your week with a helping of lunchtime music, sizzling chat and tasty features! Now into its second year, the show retains the award winning 'Name that Tone' and introduces NEW 'DuckTales' as well as more renovated fun! Not really worth missing, but there is always a podcast if you are lazy...
Now THAT's what I call a Radio Show!
A lads chatter show interspersed with music, trivial issues and features including "Geordie Chores" "Drunken tales" and call-in competitions.
URY:PM - Mikey & Josh: The New Yorkers

Two of York’s freshers hit the airwaves for the first time to share with you their experiences and tales of life in the small apple. Shows will often be a cocktail of light hearted humour and bad music choices.

Fishtail: tales of sounds and words

A series of four specials exploring the relationship between sounds and words and other forms of art. Each week, we will be discussing the connections between different pieces of work with a series of special guests. We'll be featuring great and innovative music, writing and art written by our favourite established artists and york students.

The idea of fishtail comes from Ouroboros, which is the image of a fish or reptile biting its own tail. It signifies something that is constantly recreating itself, something that pre-existed and is so powerful that it must continue. Of course, it also comes from the notion of a fisherman's tale. In our programme, we're going to be 'biting our tales' and circulating from one art form to the next.

Mikey & Josh: Get Ready For The Weekend!

The dynamic duo are back on the airwaves for another year to share with you their experiences and tales of life in the small apple. Shows will continue be a cocktail of light hearted humour and bad music choices.

Transmission's Midnight Tales

Join Sophie and James for a special late night Transmission. Back in our original slot, we will be telling tales of musical history and playing hosts of classic tracks. Potential themes for each show are the stories of iconic bands, musicians or albums, the evolution of genres and record labels.

Tales from the Phantasmagoria

Welcome to the Phantasmagoria, a world of terrifying, funny and fantastical tales for your delight. Each week the Vault Keeper and his Special Guests will improvise three fantastical tales all from the listeners suggestions. Message in if you dare!

Chef Will's Food Frenzy

Chef Will hosts URY's only food based quiz show.  Each week Neave is pitted against a new guest to explore a new food topic through a series of games and challenges.  

URY Brunch: Tales of the Phantasmagoria: The Final Tale

 A strange of show of tales and twists and for the final ever show there is the biggest twist of them all, for Alex has escaped and taken over from the Gatekeeper, will the Gatekeeper ever take back control, will Alex enjoy the power, and who will feed Nibbles the cat?

URY:PM - Learning to Knit - Tales from the Haberdashery with Alex & Will

Alex and Will want to learn a new skill and also want to have nice warm clothes for winter. Join them in the haberdashery for 2 hours of wool and stuff. Merry Christmas everyone. 

Night Time Tales for Your Halloween Trails

Yet again, the spooky, kooky, Suzuki (no endorsement) night of Hallo'weenie is apon us.


The URY Speech Team is going to narrate your night of trick'n'treating with many haunting stories.


If you have a heart attack due to any story due to this show we are not liable, but also want to hear about it, cus damn son...