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Really Awesomely Rare Entertainment. Indie isn’t that indie anymore. Everyone loves Kings Of Leon, Killers and Bloc Party, and these bands get a lot of plays on URY and even on stations like Radio 1. RARE plays quality indie and rock from bands you haven’t necessarily heard of yet, but really should love.Including interviews with bands and singer songwriters, special acoustic studio sessions, and the wise words of the presenters, whose hilarious ramblings veer from irreverent banter to heavy-handed satire, with just the right amount of sexual tension.
Shock Jock
An hour of comedy, music and chat, with Martin and Mike. A load of different things: prank comedy, satire, mindless gabbling and a wide enough range of music to satisfy just about anyone.
The Open Mike Night... with Tom and Mike
The show with more features than a face.

Join Tom and Mike for informal chat as we celebrate our musical diversity.
The Jen and Joe Show
Jennie Rothery and Joe Rawcliffe chat about the stuff that you love in alternately enthusiastic and disparaging ways.
URY SPEECH: Sitting Ducks

A one-off satirical comedy that takes a closer look at a campus of ducks which bears a striking resemblence to the University of York.

A Duck-umentary not to be missed.

Sitting Ducks: The Flappening

Sequel to award-winning student satire Sitting Ducks!

Things Can Only Get Bitter

A look back at the week's events, both local and global with esteemed guests that were definitely not picked at random off the streets.

Misinfo Wars with The Lemon Press

Oh no. Someone let The Lemon Press into URY.

 Misinfo Wars is a satirical news show that combined live improv with pre-recorded skits in order to create an informative (not guaranteed) and amusing (definitely not guaranteed) experience. Our team of professional presenters will be covering campus and national news in a way that manages to avoid all truth and proper analysis. We will also bring you investigative reports from our team of dedicated journalists. 

Join The Lemon Press on URY for an experience you won't forget! That may be a bad thing. 

PRODUCER'S NOTE [Edited 29/11/2017]: yes it is


Small Talk

Join Chris Small and Harry Clay as they talks about both small and big things, and provides the most totally absolutely serious takes, and interviews.