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Afternoon Classics
Join the fourth years for some classic songs that are even older than they are!!.
Anthony's Miscellanea

A 'choice' selection of my tastes in music, from the ancient to the almost modern. Complete with inane babble in-between!

Club Med with Lev & Jose
York's finest Mediterranean two piece to offer you the best in music, new and old from a wide range of genres.
Delay No More!
Take an hour out of your day to have some fun, learn about music and maybe even move your body. Mike and Cherry will play a selection of upbeat, alternative tracks - old and new - designed to get you dancing round your kitchen and enjoying yourself. Hopefully there will be some bands you've heard of and some you haven't. With news about gigs, upcoming releases and general gossip, there will be all you need to find and follow Your New Favourite Band.
Drowning In Punk
Specialist Punk, Hardcore, Oi, Ska and Reggae show looking at new minor label artists as well as some bigger bands and older classics
Ear Candy
Songs to listen to and love. The musical offerings we think you really really need to hear- new things, old things but ALWAYS good things.
Ewen MacDonald
hey, youngsters
an hour of the best indie and alternative tunes, old and new, music news, reviews and chit chat.
Humour Us
The worst darn thing i've ever heard...I like it. A random, and yet exciting, mixture of golden oldies, guilty pleasures and up and coming treasure. All of which intermingled with some topical discussion.
Internet Killed The Radio Star
Music when the lights go out. York's official music and relationship helpline. A showcase of the best indie music - old and new, amongst idle chit-chat about everything from music to how to keep your relationship alive (or how to get one).
Laura Vs The World
Indie, punk, electro, dance, pop, old new...if you love it or hate it, come and argue with me about it. Lots of opinions, musical banter, special guests, brand new music and imaginary sandwiches. Listen if you dare.
Laura Vs Tom
Indie, punk, electro, dance, pop, old new...if you love it or hate it, come and argue with us about it. Laura picks the tunes for one half of the show, Tom picks the other half...you decide whose music taste is better. Lots of opinions, musical banter, special guests and brand new music. Listen if you dare.
Loose Connections
We pick a theme, only to evade and sidestep it for an hour, whilst playing an eclectic mix of semi-relevant music.
Married to Music
Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue! A life time commitment to an eclectic mix of music with rhythm and rhyme. Cheesy enough for ya!?.
Matt's Friday Sound
Music you want to listen to. All the latest chart hits, mixed with a bit of rock, added indie and topped off with some good old classics. I don't play R&B. Don't forget - you can win CDs and other stuff by emailing/texting the answers to the Brainteaser, and Back-To-Back Tracks. Also - On This Day, find out what exciting things happened on this day of the year, throughout history. Go to my microsite - there are more details, games, the Brainteaser answers, a blog and more.
Mengoni and Reynolds Present...
Emo cheese made from emo cows... think cheddar and grunge in one lovely vacuum package. An amazing show in which we discuss the hot topics and laugh at them as well as playing cheese and emo music.
Michael Thackray
The specialist music show for the brave and the bold. Over the next two weeks Michael Thackray will be finding out what more about the murkey depths Techno and Electronica, and then taking a look at the farther reaches of Americana and Folk music. A good set of headphones are recommended.
Midnight With Retrospectre
My god? Are you still awake!? You should cure that with an hour of Din and Matt, featuring old music, old jokes and tired yawnings.
Playing music we kinda like, old and new, trying to capture the mood of the day.
Musical Allsorts with James Masters
Delve into a tasty packet of eclectic tunes with James Masters. Fresh new music, blues, rock, funk, jazz - who knows what we'll unwrap.
Oh God No It's Retrospectre Again
Old music; old jokes; new year; a truly exquisite experience guaranteed. Formerly the University Computer Recycling Project semi-official radio show!
Old Fridges Can Kill
A collection of obscurities, netlabel offerings and vinyl trash. Old Fridges Can Kill aims to bring you quality Creative Commons music (because the good things in life CAN be free), overlooked gems and the occasional noise you never knew you never wanted to hear, all in good fun. This show is the only place you'll hear some of these tunes, such is their scarcity. You'll never know until you try.
Once More with Feeling, with Jai Jethwa
Join Jai Jethwa on his debut radio show in search of the greatest music of all genres, old and new. From Kraftwerk to Kanye, it's all here!
Channel your inner 90s kid and listen in for all those hits you used to know and love from your past. Anything goes here.

Join Matt Windsor for an hour of URY's finest old music, from the 70s and 80s to your ears.