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atmosphere w/ alice

playing chill house, vaporwave, ambient and whatever else fits. probably good for a quiet night in

Risky Disco: The Warm up to Tokyo
If you're heading out tonight then this is the only show you need to hear! Exclusive offers, and music from chart to cheese!
URY Does The BRIT Awards 2021

It only comes round once a year, but the music team will be telling your their hot takes and predictions about the Brit Awards and the winners as it goes out live on air. Basically we are just planning on being Jack Whitehall but infinetely less funny. Tune in to arguably the biggest BritPop night of the year <3 

The URY All Nighter

Sleep? Where we're going, we don't need sleep.

YUSU Elections 2019: Election Results Night

URY and YSTV bring you all of the thrills and spills of YUSU's Election Results Night 2019 as it happens.

I'm So Turned On Right Now: Summer 2021

It's lockdown, it's midnight, and a masked vigilante is standing on a stool in a server room - it can only be one thing, the return of URY for Summer Term 2021! Tune in to hear what it sounds like when increasingly tired and stressed presenters dally about on air for a couple of hours, and see how long it takes us to start crying about Summer exams.

Warm Up to Tokyo

Selection of the latest songs and old favourites to help you through your preparations for a good night out. 

WK24: My Secret Obsession

William King is rounding off three years of student radio with 24 hours of non-stop broadcasting. Everyone's got that thing which keeps them awake at night, that image they can't get out of their head. In an exclusive for URY, William King reveals his secret obsession.

YUSU Elections 2020: Election Results Night

We are live, bringing you all of thrills and spills of YUSU's Election Results Night 2020 as it happens!

Club (( URY ))
Festive tinpot dance and camp classics to keep you going on the last night of term...

Anything you can jump to, from rock to dubstep, all is welcome! Loud & Loaded has the biggest and best tunes to fill a room with energy, if it's got a good beat, it shall be played! A late night show to get York pumped for nights out (or a no holds barred night of intense studying). 

Student Elections Warm Up Show
Good excitable music to get you geared up for results night. Stick this on your wireless while you put your glad rags on for the free entry event in Derwent.
YUSU Election Night - LIVE
The University of York Student's Union president for next year shall be....
Candidate Interview Night 2012
On Candidate Interview night we quiz the hopefuls who want to represent YOU. Get your messages in to get your questions answered!
Breakz Does Pres

The University of York's very own DJ Society presents the greatest clubnight/rave tracks, delivered directly to your pre-drinks. Want the club sounds, before even leaving for town? Stay locked in with Breakz' finest disc jockeys, playing the sounds you want to hear to start your night off right. 

Rob Stonehouse
Late night music and features. Who needs sleep?
8-Bit and Beyond

The hosts of 'Building Bridges the Road to Rock and Roll' and 'The Nightcall' come together to play you the very best music the video game world has to offer; with plenty of additional room for discussion, TV and Anime soundtracks, memes and more.

The Friday Night Music Show

Tonight show is going to feature a range of tracks from new emerging artists, beloved pop hits and the leading artists in the charts right now.

We are live from Goodricke Hall! The heats are over but we still need to find the 'best' band - join us Monday and Tuesday nights for awesome sounds.
UYBB and UYCO proms night
A second live broadcast with University of York's brass band and concert orchestra.
Watch the URY officers through the night as the office gets a well deserved face lift!.
After Hours

Join Kory for some late night rock madness

The Night Call

A show dedicated to all things synthwave, the breakout electronic genre featuring old-school synths inspired by the pop hits and movie soundtracks of the 1980's. James and Bernie will drive you through the night across the genre's expansive indie scene, with the occasional genuine retro hit for good measure. If you're a fan of contemporary styles and still wish we used cassettes, then this is the show for you!

nothing to see here

yeah! I see you - this is late night radio. move along, you know you should. or dont. and if you dont. you will be treated to possibly the best radio youve ever heard. or the worst. guess you'll have to tune in to find out x

Half Asleep

An hour of music where we try to remain conscious and escape a feeling of absolute boredom, held together simply by the suggestion of thematic consistency. Volume ranges from questionably high to regulation low and somehow sustains this throughout the hour.