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6 of the Best
Half a dozen hits to showcase an artist, genre, festival, city, mood, year, colour, or anything else you might fancy.
6 OF THE BEST: Songs For A Sunny Day
Half a dozen hits to showcase an artist, genre, festival, city, mood, year, colour, or anything else you might fancy.
Battle of the Bands Warm Up
Josh and Steven ready your minds and ears for the onslaught of the BoB final with in-depth analysis of tonight's five finalists as well as tunes to get you in the mood...
Classical Evening Concert
Tune in for your weekly dose of relaxing classical music - from Beethoven to Philip Glass, you're sure to find something to match your mood, and help you study.
Ecclectic Moods

Eclectic Moods

Elections '05 - Warm Up
Owen brings you the best music and live acoustic sets to get you in the mood for results night.
Friday Fun
danceable favourites of ours to get people back into the mood for university livin'! Paul, Ollie, and Introducing CONRAD!!!! how hard can it be?.
Transport your mind in not just 4/4 time. If you need a fix with electronics in aural form, our show has just the medicine. Sampling the rich and diverse landscape of the electronica scene and its sub-genres, we'll ease you in with some of the most hypnotic chilled-out beats and through out the hour step up the pace, leading up to the crescendo of Moo's Mix that will get you in the mood to paint Jorvik röt. If you want the best Muzik? - Then Hedfontik!.
Playing music we kinda like, old and new, trying to capture the mood of the day.
Plastic World
Dan W brings you a lethal dose of alternative, indie, dubstep, D&B, electro, dance and grime to get you in the mood. It's gonna get messy!
The Evening's Call
This show is one for the evening. Oh yes, it is a strange cross of eclectic moods of past terms, a breed of cat, and an old duvet. All this brought to life in a simple, easily listened to format, featuring all the best in music wot isn't rap or otherwise rubbish. The presenter also talks a bit too.
The V.I.P. Lounge
The soundtrack to your final thursday night of term! Turn up the radio as URY plays the tunes that will get you in the mood for one final night of partying.
Warm Up to Tokyo
If you're heading out tonight then this is the only show you need to hear! Exclusive offers and everything you need to get in the mood for town!
URY Club Classics
Join Martyn Williams for 2 hours of the best music, designed to get you ready for your big night out. Get in contact and request your favourite song to get you in the mood. The party always starts with URY!.
Warm Up to Revolution

Join Maddie and Saskia for York University's Official Warm up to Revolution! Every week we give away 10 free entries, queue jumps and a bottle of bubbly, as well as playing the best new music to get you in the mood for your night out.

Hashtag Serena

Music to suit every mood taking requests left, right and centre.

Building Bridges - The Road to Rock and Roll

Who said rock needs to be moody and agressive? In this show I play radio friendly, fun rock music in an effort to encourage pop listeners to branch out. With occasional theme shows such as woman rock stars only, or a celebration of great Guitar Solos, this shows ams to deliver a fun way for the casual music consumer to discover a new genre!

Watson's Underground Hour

An hour of purely the best underground/experimental electronic music that I have discovered either online or in record shops across the country. Ranging from house & techno, to the unique London sounds of grime and garage I will try to alternate themes each week with some shows dedicated to specific labels, genres or time periods. Depending on what mood I am in I may even throw in some Disco.

Please enjoy the dark gritty sounds of the underground.

Get up York !!!

It's 8 am, time to get out of bed and into the shower, get dressed, have breakfast and be on your way.

It's hard for everyone to start the day in a good mood, especially after a legendary night out.

Fear no more, I'm here to get you through it !

The Best Show on URY

A late night specialist music show specialising in playing an unspecialized variety of music. There will be all sorts depending on the mood of the day.

URY Presents: GSA Christmas Fair

Join URY for our last OB of 2016, where we will be soaking up the atmosphere of the Graduate Student Association's Christmas fair all the while playing some christmas classics to get you in the festive mood/

Numi @ 9

Kickstart your night right with Numi.

URY Music: Strange

The music played on this show is usually experimental in at least one dimension (but is not confined to this fairly uninformative tag), and as much as possible travels to you from a record or from a tape.

The Daly Show

The Daly Show brings you the best new music from the biggest artists in the world. Giving you the best start to your day or evening celebrations as well as fun chats with guests and games to get you in the mood for partying.