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A Classical Bedtime

I, Isaac, wanted an excuse (as a proud Northerner) to drink ginger-infused tea by becoming a member of the upper-middle class. Keoni (a pensioner) wants to feel young again by utilising the vast array of "youf'" words he's learned at university to abuse me from the sidelines every time I make a mistake.

Together, we will undoubtedly make a bedtime show with the singular potential to lull anyone to sleep - but only when we're talking...

Keoni's Cave

Someone's kidnapped Keoni, locked him in the cave of URY, and has forced him to play music and do stuff to appease his captor(s). How will Keoni escape this week?

Take it to the Rugs

In September 2020, Connor and I first bonded over rugs. We finally take our relationship to the next level and present a show where rugs take centre stage. Join us for music and chat - and rugs!

Take it to the Rugs: A Rugtrospective

For 2,419,200 seconds, Take it to the rugs was a public service for those requiring the latest information on their rug-based needs. But after a huge fallout, it was unceremoniously taken off the air. In this two-part retrospective, we discuss what happened and talk to those responsible.

The Post-Post-Production Meeting Party Programme: Live!

Please, Michael?

Kitchen Nightmares? This is a Post-Engineering Meeting Nightmare!

Thank you, Michael.

Feelin' Fruiti

Join Sarah and Keoni for an hour of chatting absolutely wham with themed episodes, music and games.


Ping us a message at ury.org.uk or text in on 07851 101 313.

Keoni's Literary Fest

Keoni reads a book, but it has to be one in the public domain probably because of copyright or something.