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A Classical Bedtime

Isaac wanted (as a proud Northerner) to appear more informed and cultured than he really is. David (a pensioner) wanted to feel young again by pretending he's still at university, and to abuse Isaac every time he mispronouces anything. Will actually knows something about music, so tries to keep the rest of us in order.

Together, we will pick some music to play, and we will undoubtedly make a bedtime show with the singular potential to lull anyone to sleep - but only when we're talking...

Keoni's Cave

Someone's kidnapped Keoni, locked him in the cave of URY, and has forced him to play music and do stuff to appease his captor(s). How will Keoni escape this week?

Take it to the Rugs

In September 2020, Connor and I first bonded over rugs. We finally take our relationship to the next level and present a show where rugs take centre stage. Join us for music and chat - and rugs!


It's been 5 days since it was 450 days since Sam's last studio show, so it's time to set that right. Join Sam and Keoni as they play the songs Sam played 455 days ago, play some games and generally have a good time!

The Post-Post-Production Meeting Party Programme: Live!

Please, Michael?

Kitchen Nightmares? This is a Post-Engineering Meeting Nightmare!

Thank you, Michael.

Themed Tunes

Join Sarah and Keoni chatting absolutely wham with themed episodes, music and games.

Ping us a message at ury.org.uk or text in on 07851 101 313.

Keoni's Literary Fest

Keoni reads a book, but it has to be one in the public domain probably because of copyright or something.

Breakfast: An All Time Lowe - Live from Studio Red

It's been some months since the last time URY physically broadcasted from our studios.

I've got up early so I can push the buttons before anyone else has a chance to get them dirty.

Exeunt Keoni

It's time for me to finally leave. Three terms have now gone by with a lot of very poor quality shows under my belt. Let's end this farce: goodbye to all of me. Exeunt Keoni.

Centralised Breakfast Function

Join Keoni for a week of shows at an hour when students are more likely to consume their breakfasts.

The Programme Programme

Hot off the tails of The Show Show, join Izzie and Keoni for whatever this is.


Keoni loves parody shows. So, he’s planned another! The twist? Every word, every pause, every mistake - all planned, all written, all seen by Towells for the first time as the mics go live. It’ll be crazy. It’ll be hectic. It’ll be scripted.

An hour event with Alex Towells and Keoni D'Souza

A Classical Breadtime

Bread is very underrated - but I think it's great! Join me as I discuss different types of bread and wonder if there are any bread-themed songs on the system.

In Good Company

Join Keoni with a new person every day.


Sam and Keoni do a show about numbers

Sam and Keoni have found out they enjoy each other's company. So, they're gonna do another in-studio show again.

Top of the Potts

A special show to lead into the last Potts' Odd Pops of the year.

Summer Nights Music Show: Part 2

A continuation of the A Classical Teatime special on music for Summer Nights. We now delve into the world of music created a bit more recently than Mahler and Strauss.

Join Isaac, David and Keoni through a whistle-stop tour of all music modern, summery and ... night-y?

Looks like I'm doing another two hours, aren't I?

No-one else is gonna do this, are they?

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Keoni does another show from the studio for results day.

A Level Results Day Morning 2021

Join Isaac and Keoni for three hours of music, games and chat to take you through the lunchtime shift as students across the country receive their A-Level results. Featuring interviews with YUSU President, Patrick O'Donnell, Community & Wellbeing Officer, Kelly Ballmer, and Academic Officer, Matt Johnstone.