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Transmission's Midnight Tales

Join Sophie and James for a special late night Transmission. Back in our original slot, we will be telling tales of musical history and playing hosts of classic tracks. Potential themes for each show are the stories of iconic bands, musicians or albums, the evolution of genres and record labels.

The Age of Rock and Roll

 an exploration of the wonderful music of the classic age of rock and roll, the 50's,60's,70's and 80's. Going through each decade year by year, show one looks at music from 1950,60,70 and 80, discovering information about the tracks and artists and including an 'on this day' segment as to what was occuring in the world on each day of broadcast in the year the tracks were created. From Jerry Lee Lewis to the late, great David Bowie," The Age of Rock and Roll" is perfect to get you up and dancing to the iconic sounds of the era of Rock and Roll.

PM: That Thursday Vealing

Tune in for a two hour blast of iconic pop anthems with Sarah Veale spiced up with some topical discussions and games featuring a variety of York uni guests. 

Text 07851 101 313 or message in via the website for song dedications, requests and to get involved. 

Get a lil taste of the weekend a day early and rock out to the 'Thursday Vealing' tunes.

Culture Vultures

Ever wondered how art inspired Bowie? Or what gave rise to Freddie Mercury’s most iconic looks? 

Join us as we explore the intersections and connections between art, music, history, literature and fashion together. From 20s French Jazz to 60s New York, we’ll chat your ear off about all things culture! Enjoy the dulcet tones of two Culture Vultures right here on URY.

The Show Show

Hello everyone! The Show Show is a brand new musical adventure, playing music from your favourite shows and films. It's a show all about shows, of course! Tune in to hear some iconic movie/musical hits and forget all about your upcoming deadlines... I know I'll be there!

Izzie's Year Six Picks

Do you miss tossing away your Capri Sun and tucking in your flame t-shirt, before offering that cute crush one of your 50p sweets? Oh boy, have I got the show for you! Welcome to 'Izzie Year Six Picks', where I'll play all those classic songs from the crème de la crème of early 2000s clubbing. Grab your raffle tickets, pull up your glittery tights, and get ready to impress the coolest kids in key-stage 2 by sliding as far to the left as possible, and criss-crossing until you flop (or until your mum arrives to pick you up)!