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Roger That

Roger That returns for another year. Featuring classic features like Segment of the Week as well as some new games. And of course we'll fill the hour with 100% bangers. 

Komodo's Krib

Guests are provided with ridiculous problems that nobody has. They have five minutes to design an original invention and then give their pitch. Three rounds, one winner, zero braincells. What could go wrong?

NOW We're Carolling!

Join Harry 'Who Does Law' ReevesJames from James from Jams from James from James, and AL for the festive special of NOW We're Talking!

Expect extra-special Christmas canoodley games, massive funnies, beef reports (or whatever meat/meat alternative you have on your Xmas dinner), NOW tunes and some top tier chat. 

Now, that's what it is. 

Chart Smart, with Tom

Tom's back in 23' with a *NEW* show idea (almost).

Join Tom for songs from the day of the show in history, AND listen as guests play the game that gave the show its name: Chart Smart! 

Who will top the charts and WIN the coveted title of Chart Smart Champion!? Listen in to find out!

Mr Box + Graveshifters = oral gratification.
URY Brunch with Hannah: Bangers and Banter

Hannah brings you bangin’ tunes and banter for you to start your day with a smile on your face. With special features such as “Sibling Wars”, “Are you in or are you out of bed?” and “Poo On The Shoe” Hannah (and the occasional special guest) should have you out of bed and ready to start your day in no time.

A Portion Of Seaweed
Every week we have a new theme that will dictate the playlist, the games and the guests! Its like a different kinder surprise every week!!
The (Bi)Weekly Muddle

It's Gina and Jamie. It's third year. We're still on the radio. We're still funny. Tune in. 

Super Radio 64
Your first stop for computer game music from some of the best games that I can think of, ranging from retro to current generation.
URY:PM with Tom Holmes and Kat Ronson
Goodbye Tuesday Blues

Let George and Hannah get you tapping your toes under your duvet with some brilliant tunes, games and antics to help you say goodbye to those pesky Tuesday Blues.

The Sweetest Hour

The Sweetest Hour is presented to you by your host Sweet Taniks. On this show you can expect: an eclectic selection of music and rip-offs of popular podcast's games and discussion formats; including silly chats and interviews with other students here in York. 

Animal, vegetable, mineral

It could be a hair dryer, it could be the late Queen Elizabeth, or even the con carne your flatmate made the other week!

Join SARAH AND TOLAN, in this riveting radio edition of the worlds best game: Animal, vegetable, mineral. 

Message in and play along with us, as well as enjoying our impeccable music taste ;)

ComedySoc Presents

URY teams up with ComedySoc to bring you the best games from all your Radio 4 favourites. Tune in for two hours of banter and belly laughs from the best of York University comedic talent.

Never Mind That I'm Mocking The News For You
Your know the score. Two teams led by a regular captain each week play a variety of news- and music-based games, the winners being the team who I judge to have produced the funniest stuff. With some songs thrown in.
URY Primetime: Graveshifters
"URY's best entertainment show 2010" - Mr Box
Game Breaking

A radio show about Video Games. This show split into two parts - the first half is review and critique of videogames we've been playing, the second half is discussion of an issue or topic within the Video Games industry.

Brunch: Saturday with Sam

Sam sits down to play some music, some games and chat with some guests about whatever interests him.

Blitzed and Blottoed

Kez and James recovering from a night out. We'll be coming at you with funny stories, games and procrastination.

Three Inches

An hour long show filled with music, special guests and the best banter your ears will ever be seduced by.

Presented by Matt Ingram and Jack Spring


It's been 450 days since my last studio show, so it's time to set that right. Join me as I play the songs I played 450 days ago, play some games and generally have a good time!

The Daly Show

The Daly Show brings you the best new music from the biggest artists in the world. Giving you the best start to your day or evening celebrations as well as fun chats with guests and games to get you in the mood for partying.

URY Brunch: Breakfast Club

Friday brunch/ breakfast with hosts Dominic Gould and Hector Macduff! (for reference on who we are listen to Insomnihour and Stage)

11 till 1 on Mondays mean its time to open up your earholes for two hours of music, mayhem and masterful radio presentation. 

Christmas In Your Face

A one-off URY Christmas Special with Steve and Cat (and anyone else we can drag in...). Expect an hour of Christmas games, music and chat! 

URY Freshers Week 2021: Derwent Move-In Day

URY are here as you move in to your new home at York!! We'll have all the best music and games to give you a warm welcome to university.

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