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10,000 Spoons
A light-hearted end to the first week of term. There will be talk of the holidays, snow and good times ahead - all beautifully intertwined with some classic tunes from Bex's juxebox.
Animal Hospital
Nursing twee indie-pop dachshunds, post-punk canaries and filthy blues turtles back to full health. Without the help of ageing Australian do-gooders. Presented by Tom Nightingale, Jason Hilton and Tim Douglas.
Another Late Night: Maks FM
That guy, Maks FM takes your bad half and spanks it with some bass-loaded Dance Hall and then takes your good half on a late night tale.
A Whitehouse and Bull Bonanza
Discussion, debate and damn good times
Battle Of The Bands
URY broadcast the Heats live from Goodricke.
We are live from Goodricke Hall - all night, every night to cover the heats of this years Battle of the Bands!.
We are live from Goodricke Hall! The heats are over but we still need to find the 'best' band - join us Monday and Tuesday nights for awesome sounds.
Beast For Thee
The best in the underbelly of music scenes from around the world. Look out for interviews and sessions from the amazing amount of lesser-known talent coming to the UK this Spring, all exclusive to this show. Regular gig-listings from the best venues in "The North", a focus on a particular area of music for each show and just good stuff to mooch around your kitchen to.
Bengee Jumping
Bengee presents a show filled with good music to make you dance, laugh, smile and cry... but only with laughter. Also including chat which will hopefully be found interesting. Music-based show specialising in soul, jazz, funk, reggae, afrobeat, Latin, ska, world music. Featuring several regular feaures.
Bex and Bauer Hour
Grab a biscuit and join us for general noise, nonsense and a good ol’ natter. Bex and Bauer: bridging the North/South divide.
braCY fast
Have breakfast with CY! GOOD MORNING!
Bradley's Big Brunch
Not breakfast, not lunch, not really that good, but I've got nothing to do, and there's nothing else to fill the schedule...
Bryony Byrne
Noontunes seeks good listener at noon for good times and friendship, maybe more. GSOH necessary.
Chris and Hilary Get You Started
Politics, music, books and...probably some features, this is a good wind-down from the week just gone with a serious discussion and stupid jokes all in one big brilliant mixing pot.
Closer to Midnight Messiah
If you give a s**t about good music then this is your show.
Ear Candy
Songs to listen to and love. The musical offerings we think you really really need to hear- new things, old things but ALWAYS good things.
Eclectic Electric
Back once again like a renegade master. It's the show to end all shows, playing everything and anything. Well maybe not anything. But most things and certainly all good things. Turn on, tune in but maybe don't drop out.
Feel Good with JJ
Lunchtime never felt so good until Jonny came along!.
Feeling Good

Folk Off!
Formally Off the Halls-this is a music show of folky goodness to entertain (and educate) the masses, and prove it's not all Morris Dancers...
Freshers Fair
URY live from the heart of Freshers Fair in the Physics Concourse. Come find out more about your station. There's CDs to give away courtesy of CD-WOW! and the infamous URY goodies.
Girls On Top
Sexy ladies take over the airwaves in this show dedicated to female artists! Good fun for girls and boys alike, there will be a good mix of awesome tunes and classy banter. Safe!.
Mr Box + Graveshifters = oral gratification.
Green Dykes
Cool music and Good times.
Host Idol
These contestants are desperate to get their break on URY, and are all vying for your vote as a Good Presenter. Each week, a different contestant will try to impress you with their skills as a presenter, all to win the grand prize at the end of term...