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Martin's late night final.
Every genre has awesome music. Don't believe me? Check it out and i'll definitely prove it to you. Except ska, ska doesn't make good music. You should also listen to my show if you never want to hear scouting for girls or the killers "Are we human" EVER AGAIN. week 2 - power pop is amazing week 3 - country can be good too week 4 - William shatner week 5 - Top gun and other power ballads week 6 - 2009 indie that will be good week 7 - 2009 indie that will be amazing week 8 - you totally didn't see these coming.
Rob and Steve
Rob and Steve do entertainment all over you. They won this award, right, which means that they are definitely the third most entertaining student radio show in mainland UK, according to some people who ought to know. Sceptical? Give us a try.
Sports Saturday
Live coverage of all the day's live football matches. A slightly more biased, and definitely more emotional, alternative round-up of all the live scores from Saturday's football, across the leagues. With live match reports coming from all the grounds, and our pundits digesting the information in the studio, we will keep you up to date with all that's going on the world of football.
URY:PM - Roku Radio
Tune in to Roku Radio, the home of bad links, dubious song choices and an award winning jingle! (Not that we're milking that) Self proclaimed as "perfectly adequate" and "definitely not the worst radio in existence" strap yourself in for two hours of mixed genre music, interesting guests, fun features and a lot of laughs. Join Naomi, Kat and Will Batch for another season filled with all the usual madness, and hopefully fewer radio disasters.


Acoustics is back! 

A comedic (hopefully) and disastrous (definitely) student radio show, created in the midst of exam season to let out some steam with live acoustic sessions from upcoming artists and curious questions leading to impossible debates.

Things Can Only Get Bitter

A look back at the week's events, both local and global with esteemed guests that were definitely not picked at random off the streets.

Misinfo Wars with The Lemon Press

Oh no. Someone let The Lemon Press into URY.

 Misinfo Wars is a satirical news show that combined live improv with pre-recorded skits in order to create an informative (not guaranteed) and amusing (definitely not guaranteed) experience. Our team of professional presenters will be covering campus and national news in a way that manages to avoid all truth and proper analysis. We will also bring you investigative reports from our team of dedicated journalists. 

Join The Lemon Press on URY for an experience you won't forget! That may be a bad thing. 

PRODUCER'S NOTE [Edited 29/11/2017]: yes it is


The Great North Run

On the morning of The Great North Run, a family eagerly try and watch the race on TV, in the hope of seeing Daniel, the youngest member of the family.  Unfortunately they keep getting distracted.  Whether its arguing over jobs, or working through deeper issues the family has, you will become engrossed in the day to day lives of the household.  With a huge cast and a good mix of humour and drama, this is definitely a story to tune in to.  

Written by Joe Dolan and Directing and Sound Engineering by Beth Wiffen. 

Cast include Sienna Lucrezia as Mum, Beth Prior as Carol, Leo Clasen as Mike, Matthew Chesters as Dad, Dominic Gould as Daniel, Marco Ross as the Announcer and Weatherman, Claire Geller as the Reporter, Kieran Cockburn as the Historian, Euan Brook as the Interviewer, Isaac Saward as the Interviewee and Ella Rainbird-Earley as the Girlfriend.

Alumni Takeover: Big Breakfast With Pete and Cat

For a very special one-off show, two so-called 'legends' of URY return.

They entertained listeners for literally minutes while on air together during the heady days of 2016/17, so expect plenty of nostalgia and in-jokes that you definitely won't understand. 

Nevertheless, it'll be worth a listen, just for an example of how not to move on from university.

They'll bring you some stonking tunes, funny features, and magical memories that will wind the clock back to when URY was just a pre-pubescant 48-year-old. 

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Do you enjoy everything nerdy, yeah me neither... I mean I love it! Tune in to get a small taste of the life of this computer science student, who definitely isn't helping the stereotype with this show.

URY Brunch: The Big Fat Yorkshire Quiz Show

Games! Chat! Drama! Music! Excitement! Definitely not a rip-off of numerous other quiz shows! Join me as I put my guests through 5 grueling rounds of questions and tasks to find out who is the greatest quizzer in all of Yorkshire*! 

(*Yorkshire = the small pool of guests who happen to live in York atm)

Matt Windsor's Almost Definitely Last Ever Show, Probably

Exactly what it says on the tin.

Not that radio shows come in tins.

But this one does, and it's a three decade old salted pork tin full of what will probably be recent London migrant and soon-to-be-former PhD student Matt Windsor's last ever show on URY before he finally stops being a student.  Expect pretty much everything that can be expected from a washed up student radio DJ that was once referred to as URY's answer to Alan Partridge: an hour of awkward gaps between songs, awkward songs between gaps, and attempts to draw a close on 8ish years of somehow repeatedly being scheduled for shows despite having the radio nous of a loofah.  Does anyone still use loofahs?