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Brightness in the Beyond
After more than three decades away from the URY airwaves, former head of classical Peter Aylmer returns to tell how he discovered at York the music of Olivier Messiaen, 20th-century composer and mentor to the avant-garde. No prior musical knowledge needed, just an ear for new sounds.

The rivalry between York and Lancaster has a long history, full of conflict. Stemming from the War of the Roses that caused decades of civil war in the fifteenth century, this fierce rivalry lives on in the form of the largest inter-university sports tournament in Europe.

This year, #RosesAreWhite.

The 20th Century Collection

Join Danni Boxall for some rock and pop tunes from the latter half of the 20th Century. Tune in for all your favourite classics and maybe discover something new.

Guilty Pleasure

Let your body do all the talking, an let loose with Guilty Pleasure!

Shake off the summertime blues and discover, and re-discover the songs of the century that, deep down, everyone loves.. and if anythings missed, feel free to message in with the requests!

URY 50

As URY turns 50, James Brookes celebrates the last half century of University Radio York.  James will count backwards one year at a time playing the biggest hits, discussing the new events and crazes and the important moments in URY history until he reaches 1968 at the end of the summer term.

Let Every Voice Be Heard

Alex Kneller takes you on a ride through the weirdly wonderful history of 20th & 21st century vocal harmony and a cappella music, covering everything from 60s doo-wop, spiritual, pop, country and everything inbetween. Instruments not required.

A League of York's Own

Tune in to a League of York's Own for indepth sporting analysis and fantastic tunes.

URY Speech: Old Friends at Lunch

URY Speech is delighted to share their latest radio play Old Friends at Lunch, a short comedy by Logan Barker. 

In the 21st century, a world transgressing boundaries and brimming with unknown technologies, a high school student's vision goes tragically wrong... or right?

We'll be chatting with the writer, director and some of the cast about their involvement and the world of radio plays.

Intro and outro song: Tiny Tim, Tiptoe Through the Tulips

Cast (in order of appearance):

Frank - Ben Price

Sam - Rohan Millen

Teacher - Nicola  Gill

Creature - Alex Dixon

Figure - Georgia Craig

Director - Rosie Day

Editor & Producer - SJ Callender

Editor - Marc Girot

The Talk

The Talk. You know what that is. It is the talk with that special someone on- what are we?

It is feared, dreaded and heavily anticpated. What do York students think of 21st century relationships? 

In this show we will talk about what is a relationship? How is that different to 'seeing' someone, or dating? How best should we make up and break up? How do people keep up relatonships? From one night stands with your flatmate, to long distance relationships across the globe. We've got you covered for all sorts of issues so please tune in as ping us a message if you can!

A fortnightly show with York students for York students.


Every week we discuss different medical conditions along with social, political and economic issues affecting the NHS, with each week featuring topics exclusively beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. Each week I will be joined by medics to bust myths, offer advice and discuss pivotal issues affecting 21st century healthcare.

Please tune in and we welcome messages from far and wide!

DISCLAIMER: Please contact licensed medical professionals if you have any concerns about your health. 

U-Turn of the Century

U-Turn of the Century is a show all about celebrating the music and pop-culture of those times before the milenium. with a timescale of January 1st 1960 to December 31st 1999.

Each episode explores a decade with a selection of songs from a selected musical genre, movie recomendation, album highlight and an amusing news story

Alumni Shows: Stuck in the 20th Century

Despite protests, Richard Hollingham ('88-'91 - years not age) returns to URY to play a selection of late 20th century hits. Mostly, 80s synthpop. It'll be fun.