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3LOUD mouth's and Jack
Informal current affairs chat, with outrageously contraversial opinions on any issue you want to talk about!! A perfect way to start a weekend!!.
6 of the Best
Half a dozen hits to showcase an artist, genre, festival, city, mood, year, colour, or anything else you might fancy.
6 OF THE BEST: Songs For A Sunny Day
Half a dozen hits to showcase an artist, genre, festival, city, mood, year, colour, or anything else you might fancy.
After Anarchy
After Anarchy is a Post Punk music show. Playing all the music from an almost forgotten era of music between 1978 and 1984. With types of music
such as Ska Revival, Electronic, Gothic, Pop, Indie, Punk and Post Punk. And featuring
bands such as Public Image Ltd, Joy Division, Talking Heads, Scritti
Politti, Devo, The Fall, The Slits, The Human League, Gary Numan, Echo and
the Bunnnymen, Lydia Lunch, Pere Ubu, The specials, Cabaret Voltaire, and
many more. Aswell as discussion about the music, their influences, affect on culture and their effect on todays music.
AM in the PM
1 radio show. 2 men. 10,000 students. Infinite truths. Love, war, economics, history, culture, sports, all topics lightly skimmed over in this humorous and entertaining show crammed full of heartfelt, though occasionally pointless and rambling chat. Perfect for background noise in almost any intimate or social environment. X.
An Hour With...
A tasty selection of prime cuts from the best of the best. Spend an hour in the company of the best albums and the best songs from the best bands! Could there be any more superlatives?.
An Introduction To...
Weekly musical education on artists and genres from the worlds of funk, rock, electro and many more.
Music, cookies, dishwasher, Ireland and other random words hopefully stringing together to make a sentence. Maybe it's a spin-off from the DAndy Lie-in because Andrew never let me press any buttons... who knows? Eventually I'll find out but hoping to have lots of guests on some you'll know and some you wont. At times I think I mightn't know either but hopefully it'll be humorous enough to merit a show.
Charlie Says...
What kind of music do you like? I'm not sure actually... Playing anything and everything, and eventually hoping to find out exactly what her music type is, Charlie Elliott blasts your ears with metal but quickly cools them down with some soul. Or anything else she can find.
Dave's hour of chaos
Bringing the weekend to a close by chilling out to the max. Here you'll experience 360 degrees of head exploding insights, a random mix of songs, maybe a few competitions...and some guests and phonecalls if i can trust anyone enough.
Demolition Radio
The new face of metal and hard rock has arrived! Off The Cuff's sister show provides any avid alternative music lover with the best masterpieces this genre has to offer, whilst still keeping the senseless banter you've come to expect from OTC alive and well.
Eclectic Electric
Back once again like a renegade master. It's the show to end all shows, playing everything and anything. Well maybe not anything. But most things and certainly all good things. Turn on, tune in but maybe don't drop out.
FFT Radio
Jake and Ed play an eclectic mix of music that you either may not of heard or really should be listening too. From metal to motown, from hip hop to indie and anything else we wish we had been cool enough to write you are guaranteed to hear something that you'll love.
Flogging a Dead Horse with Joseph Hook
I'm back! With the best selection of music on radio today - including gems that you had forgotten about, some that you never knew, and as many of your requests as I can fit in. Including an extraordinary line-up of exciting guests, and a plethora of enthralling features. It's going to be even better than Hooky's Whole Hour was last term! I know, I didn't think it was possible either.
Friday Lunch: Russell Truran
Zany Russell Truran madness at lunchtime.
Hooky's Whole Hour
I play the music that I want you to hear. A truly eclectic selection of music - and the only show, anywhere, ever, that will play Led Zeppelin, followed instantly by the Vengaboys, yet also include Taj Mahal, Haircut 100 and Little Boots. There is bound to be something you like, and maybe you'll discover something you love.
Hunky and Spunky
More friendly tunes in an hour than the toffs dj drops in a month. annie mac's mash-up, on a student budget. house, electro, drum an bass, garage, anything with a beat.
In Lieu of Anything Better
Join us for an hour of games, fun features and a wide range of music; in lieu of anything better to do with your afternoon.
In the Lap of the Gods
Dunno really, if I've been given the slot I want, hopefully at midnight - anything could happen really.
A radio show for York's Amnesty International group, promoting causes and actions the society is focusing on as well as promoting good music.
Moon Units
Music of the Future for the Future. Acid jazz, psychedelic electronic, intelligent dance music, modern classical, acoustic abstractions, ambient journeys... psychedelic dub... Advanced sound design and compositions from many genres.
Once More with Feeling, with Jai Jethwa
Join Jai Jethwa on his debut radio show in search of the greatest music of all genres, old and new. From Kraftwerk to Kanye, it's all here!
Penny and a paperclip
Just music, anything goes
Pick and Mix Up Tape
Eclectic to the extreme, this show is about music from all over time, place and pigeonholes. If you like a taste of the the unexpected in your pick and mix, I’ll open your ears to a choice selection of music delving into genres as broad as world, folk, electronic, contemporary and anything ‘unclassifiable’ by iTunes.
Music show where anything goes. Shape the show, with requests and reccommendations