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James Haigh
URY Alumni (and former Station Manager) James Haigh is BACK.
Marcus Pendleton
URY Alumni Marcus Pendleton returns to help celebrate our 40th anniversary.
Wickham & Beaumont
URY Alumni James Wickham and Lee Beaumont join forces for one last time...
Alumni Radio: The Scottish Invasion
Join current alumnus Donald Makin and (soon to be) alumnus William Chalk for some up and coming Scottish music. Because we can.
Alumni Shows: Light Refreshment

A mix of chat, music and probably a bit more music! Expect to hear funk, jazz, indie, rock, blues, pop and everything inbetween.

Moby Dick Attacks The West Country Holiday Train: The Waldorf and Statler of URY return after 40 years

URY alums Kim Scudamore and Richard Pilkington return to the airwaves after a 40 year hiatus. They'll be bringing you a show full of nostalgia, classic music and umming and ahhing as they work out how the new technology works.

Katy Sandalls is back in town!

Katy Sandalls left URY and York for Sheffield last year, we all miss her terribly - and now she is back! Ladies and gentleman, tune in to 1350AM for a special show with Katy bringing the news from the far away lands, stories of the URY alumni and lots of fun!

The Waldorf and Statler: 50 Years

The old guys are back, but will you still love us now we are 64?  For
tonight's show Kim and Richard are departing from their usual '50 years'
format for a looser themed selection.  There's still likely to be  plenty of
music that featured in their 1976 shows (yes, they really are that old), but
at least Richard will try to show they haven't completely lost touch with
current music. No origami this time.

Alumni Takeover: Only Retro Flavours Returns

With more of the songs that someone her age shouldn't know amongst other favourites: clinger on Katy returns for one final show. From ABC to A Flock of Seagulls plus a smattering of modern classics like Alexander Rybak and a Steps megamix Katy can't promise you'll enjoy the show but she reckons you'll enjoy her trying not to break the decks all the same. 

Alumni Takeover - Graham McMillan

As part of URY's 50th birthday celebrations, Graham McMillan returns to the airwaves... we'll see if he can remember what to do

Alumni Takeover: Jonathan Bufton
  1. Fans of fair-to-middling early noughties student radio, rejoice!  As part of URY's 50th birthday celebrations, Jonathan Bufton is back.  Will he be able to work that fancy playout system or will he end up whimpering in Studio 2 trying to find a MiniDisc player?  Tune in to find out.

Alumni Takeover: The Scott Bryan Show

From 2007-2010, The Scott Bryan Show was broadcast on University Radio York. It was a show that I reckon I will remember for the rest of my damn life. 

For one afternoon, it's back. Featuring Predic-A-Manger, The York Pork Fork Talk Walk Spork Game and a lot of music that nobody has played on the station for about five years, Dave Tracz will be doing the news. I'll get a text from my mother telling me to slow down, it'll be fine whatever I am saying.

Please listen. It'll be fine.

Alumni Takeover: Marcus Pendleton

Twenty years on, Marcus Pendleton is back in York to relive his time at URY in the late nineties.

Alumni Takeover: The Nic Munday Show

To celebrate URY's 50th year, URY is bring back some old familiar voices to have one more go on the airwaves!

Nic Munday is back and bringing with him all your old favourite features including Film Review Time, My News and 'Housemate Battle of the Songs' (if he can find all his old housemates that is!)

Alumni Takeover: John Randall

 Music and chat from a late 1960s presenter.

50th Garden Party

With 50th birthday celebrations underway, we are joined by alumni from the years of URY past to round of our weekend of celebration with a garden party OB.

Alumni Takeover: Phil Pollard

Its time to relive the early 2000s with URY Alumnus Phil Pollard!

Former preswnter of URY's flagship new music show "The Vibe", Phil will be looking back to see if his predictions of bands that would make it big! He will also be bringing back aspects of his show "Uncovered" and we may even see the return of the classic "Evening Selection" quiz URY Re-wind!


Alumni Takeover: The Russell Truran Show

Nine years after presenting his last show on URY - Russell Truran returns to the station for a one-off spectacular...

Alumni Takeover: The Big Sofa

The Big Sofa graced the York Uni airwaves all the way back in 2001, when Rach was a psychology undergrad living in a breezeblock prison called Goodricke C Block.

Since then Rach has graduated (hurray! They said it would never happen!), moved away (now living in Mordor (Morden), London), worked three different jobs (evil corporate advertising; bonkers Virgin Radio; the BBC), birthed three kids (two boys, one girl), become a stand up comedian (three years in, still haven't done Live at the Apollo) and QUIT RADIO (sob.)

This last one makes her incredibly sad.

So Rach is ecstatic to be back behind a microphone. Join her for this one off two hour show and listen to the joy plastered all over her face.

Alumni Takeover: Big Breakfast With Pete and Cat

For a very special one-off show, two so-called 'legends' of URY return.

They entertained listeners for literally minutes while on air together during the heady days of 2016/17, so expect plenty of nostalgia and in-jokes that you definitely won't understand. 

Nevertheless, it'll be worth a listen, just for an example of how not to move on from university.

They'll bring you some stonking tunes, funny features, and magical memories that will wind the clock back to when URY was just a pre-pubescant 48-year-old. 

Alumni Takeover: Daz and Em

After 6 years of radio retirement, Daz and Em are back to present one final show on University Radio York.

We have been invited to celebrate URY’s 50th Anniversary with a blast from the past, where we will meander down memory lane rediscovering all your favourite non-award winning features from Daz and Em's illustrious radio career, including Name that Tone and Back to the Future!

Alumni Takeover: Karl Bos

Former Head of Music (2014 vintage) Karl Bos returns with a set of fresh cuts and seasoned selections. Reggae, Jazz, Electronic and more - harking back to 'classic' URY shows Bos Tones and FocusMusic whilst pushing things forward.

Alumni Takeover: Richard Thompson

Former URY presenter Richard Thompson returns for a one-off special show. One half of the 'Andew and Geordie Bloke' duo reminisces about his time at URY and the university from 1998-2002.

Alumni Takeover: Jeremy Rogers

Quietly forgetting the undertaking given on his last URY show on 24 June 1985, Jeremy Rogers returns URY to the time when there were only 4,500 undergraduate students, beer was 50p a pint, social media meant sending postcards and URY itself was a few tens of metres from where it is now, both in the studio and on the dial.

Alumni Shows: AZ With Maz

Myself and my co-host will be educating each other on various topics, each show is centered around a different letter of the alphabet and will feature topics and songs/artists beginning with that letter.