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Alumni Takeover: The Big Sofa


The Big Sofa graced the York Uni airwaves all the way back in 2001, when Rach was a psychology undergrad living in a breezeblock prison called Goodricke C Block.

Since then Rach has graduated (hurray! They said it would never happen!), moved away (now living in Mordor (Morden), London), worked three different jobs (evil corporate advertising; bonkers Virgin Radio; the BBC), birthed three kids (two boys, one girl), become a stand up comedian (three years in, still haven't done Live at the Apollo) and QUIT RADIO (sob.)

This last one makes her incredibly sad.

So Rach is ecstatic to be back behind a microphone. Join her for this one off two hour show and listen to the joy plastered all over her face.



Rachel Wheeley

URY On Tap

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