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Man In A Shed
Your weekly adventure in sound! Each week I'll be presenting an hour's worth of classic tracks based on a different particular genre or theme, from classic British post-punk, to East Coast hip-hop, to 60 jazz, soul and funk, and everything in between. If you're already a fan of the weeks special focus then you're sure to hear some of your favourites. If you're not, then the show will be a great way to start! This week, for the debut, I'll be playing a set of great 70s and 80s British post punk and shoegaze, so expect an hour of Joy Division, Public Image Limited, The Cure, Siouxsee and the Banshees, The Fall, Wire, Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine and more awesomeness! Listener participation is always appreciated, so if you have a personal post-punk favourite, then please, request it on air and I'll see if I can fit it in.
Oh God No It's Retrospectre Again
Old music; old jokes; new year; a truly exquisite experience guaranteed. Formerly the University Computer Recycling Project semi-official radio show!

Join Matt Windsor for an hour of URY's finest old music, from the 70s and 80s to your ears.

Retrospectre 2: The Quickening
Music from the 70s, 80s and 90s to accelerate to 88 miles per hour by. There can be only one Retrospectre! (Thankfully.)
Rock Revival
Tune in for a trip back to the 60s and 70s classic rock & blues with Carlos and Floris. There might be occasional 80s/90s alternative rock songs here and there!.
That Untitled 80s Experience
In which the pilot episode of a series offering alternating playlist of 80s classics and current chart hits is broadcasted.
The Hip Hop Years

A mixture of fine beats and a tale woven across episodes of a movement that changed music – from its beginnings in the block parties of the 1970s to the golden age of the late '80s and modern day manifestations.

Awesome Mix, Vol. 3

A 'carefully' 'crafted' mix of music, both obscure and obvious, from the 70s, 80s, and (god forbid!) the 90s.

The Farce Show

Claire and Alice endeavour to make it through an hour of music and questionable conversation without breaking the studio or each other. 

Gold Soundz

Indie, emo, pop punk and alternative music from the 80s to the present day.

You Might Just Remember

Songs from the late 80s through to the present day that have made it into the public conciousness, but aren't in their own right hits, or a least aren't played regularly nowadays

The 20th Century Collection

Join Danni Boxall for some rock and pop tunes from the latter half of the 20th Century. Tune in for all your favourite classics and maybe discover something new.

Only Retro Christmas

Katy has dragged herself out of bed on the last day of term to put everyone's favourite fun fact filled format through it's paces for one last time. Expect the best Christmas music the 80s had to offer, the return of "It should be 80s" and much more. 

Beyond the Electric Dream

Think you know the 80s? Think again as I drag you through the heart of 80s music through pop culture and into the soul of what made the 80s great. Each week I bring you the best in synth, electronic and new wave. 

In Between Days

Taking you through '70s and '80s post punk and indie through to modern day alternative rockers, In Between Days begins on a lively note and gradually dials down the distortion with the classics (and the not-so-classics) of indie, rock and britpop, plus a special guest, plus shoegaze.

The Vinyl Frontier

URY:PM - THE BIG SHUFFLE with Bertie, Elle and Hugh

Welcome to The Big Shuffle 


The show that brings you a whole bunch of cracking tunes from the alternative genre. And sometimes Elle will play something funky from the 80s. Like Chic. And who doesn’t love chic?! 


Join Bertie, Elle and Hugh, and have a jolly ol’ sesh with us. We’ve got great tunes, reviews of new albums, artists and live gigs, and much more. 

Top notch!


Late Night Love Hour

As you settle in for the night, tune in for some romantic classics, from the 80s all the way to today. Clark and Helen talk about the good and the bad of relationships and try to offer some helpful advice to those struggling with a crush (it's totally hypocritical!). 


DISCussions is a show all about the music, whether it be old or new, indie or pop, I'll be discussing my favourite tracks in detail and exploring how they have impacted music and culture.

Have I Got Ouse For You

We're back! (Ouse's back, alright, alright). Tune in to Have I Got Ouse For You for dodgy jingles, dodgier music, very dodgy links, somehow even dodgier jokes and a somewhat sincere attempt to wind up the week for our listeners, now with a new timeslot - Sunday at 9pm. 

Yes, we started at 11pm and now we're there. I don't care what the others think, I want that flagship slot.   

Alumni Takeover: Jeremy Rogers

Quietly forgetting the undertaking given on his last URY show on 24 June 1985, Jeremy Rogers returns URY to the time when there were only 4,500 undergraduate students, beer was 50p a pint, social media meant sending postcards and URY itself was a few tens of metres from where it is now, both in the studio and on the dial.


Wham! The radio has landed back in a time when a guy called Frankie Said Relax and a girl called Rio danced upon the sands. It's the 1980s (again) so apply the hairspray, make up and dance like the audience on Top of the Pops!


Great tunes from the 80s! 

Jen's Boom Box

It's summer 1975. You've got your flares on and a Harvey Wallbanger in hand. The boombox has just been invented and somehow your mate David has copped one. Van Morrison is blaring. No one knows what drum and bass is. Life is good.

Bringing you all the best bops from before Britney took over - pre 90s tunes only. Join Jen and Hannah in the golden age of rock n roll, with some spicy disco curveballs thrown in for a good time.

If You've Heard This, It's Already Too Late

Get ready for some proper serious tuneage! 

Ever felt a connection to a song? Want tunes experimental, classic or sometimes long? Or do 'deep cuts' let you relax? Or simply want to find the right track to change a lightbulb to (you heard right)?!

We're all about finding music we hope you find great.

Join us every week to delve into the depths behind some quality music, listen to some worthy (or questionable...) anecdotes, and share your opinions and tastes with us too! 

So - kick back after your Sunday roast, get that open fire crackling in the background and tune in to If You've Heard This, It's Already Too Late!

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