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Hooky's Whole Hour
I play the music that I want you to hear. A truly eclectic selection of music - and the only show, anywhere, ever, that will play Led Zeppelin, followed instantly by the Vengaboys, yet also include Taj Mahal, Haircut 100 and Little Boots. There is bound to be something you like, and maybe you'll discover something you love.
William Benzies & Guests
From Kid 606 to The Thai Elephant Orchetsra to the Parliament to the Moon. All 100% real music.
Morning Glory

Yes, we're back!

Broadcasting straight from URY's bantennae comes an award winning, action packed, thrilling box office smash hit sensation - guaranteed to blow your socks off!*
Featuring only the best* presenters URY has to offer (or at least in the top 100) and the best* morning music playlists around to get you dancing under the covers! Join us every Wednesday morning for excellent games and music to get your day under way!

*Terms and conditions apply.

URY 101

URY are proud to be bringing you one of the longest continuous radio shows that has happened in the UK. Broadcasting from Greg's Place for 5 days in June, we'll be raising money for Yorkshire Cancer Research. Donations can be made here: https://student100for100.everydayhero.com/uk/ury1350.

Roger That

Roger That returns for another year. Featuring classic features like Segment of the Week as well as some new games. And of course we'll fill the hour with 100% bangers. 

Too Much Music, Not Enough Time

Join Marks for an hour of music, of whatever genre pops into his mind five minutes before he's due to go on air. It's basically Manic Music Mixer (which you should also listen to) except 100% less funny.

SRA Chart Big 100

Over the next five weeks, SRA stations will be counting down the biggest tracks from the last academic year. As well as featuring interviews with some huge artists, the show celebrates the people that have made student radio special this year, with members from stations up and down the country introducing their favourite tracks.

Alumni Shows: Darkside of the 80s - 90s

Playing music from the leftfield side of 70's 80s & 90s, for the final show of the term Stewart explores highlights of the NME Top 100 Albums, originally broadcast on URY in 1990.

Alumni Shows: Top 400 Albums of All Time

In 2013 the NME published it's Top 400 albums of all time, Stewart Dennis takes a delve into the greatest records ever made and counts them down. Tonight it is teh final 40 and the Greatest album ever made is revealed. Will it be The Fall?

Speech Showcase: Red on Yellow

A Sci-Fi murder mystery podcast set in a dystopian city where a lone robot seeks to solve a 100-year old cold case created by a thrid year University of York Theatre student Reginn Kolbeinsson


Listen in for the first 6 episodes over the next three weeks or listen to it now on Spotify or on the Red and Yellow podcast website: https://reginnk.wixsite.com/redonyellowpodcast