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09:00 Good Morning York Breakfast Batch Morning Glory (Which is TOTALLY better than Breakfast Batch) Just Jack: In the morning The Breakfast Playlist The Hangover Hour URY Jukebox
10:00 The Continuity Hour URY Jukebox 10am with Caitlin and Jon The 20th Century Collection Sabbsolutely Fabulous Time War
11:00 URY Jukebox URY Brunch: Brunch A Do About Nothing URY Jukebox URY Jukebox URY Brunch: Breakfast Club URY Brunch: The Saturday Lie-In URY Brunch: The Country Connection
13:00 DESERT ISLAND DISCO No DLC Required: the Expansion Pack Barry Tomes What's Popping? Stage Chef Will - Where there's a Will, there's a...
14:00 Tales from the Phantasmagoria Desert Island Floppy Discs URY SPORT: Grandstand The Ben and Jasper Show 2: Electric Boogaloo Josh and Tom's Afternoon Antics Alternative Juice GAYdio
15:00 The Vinyl Frontier Chat Politics URY Afternoon Tea: These Charming Girls Toons in the Afternoons Catchy Chunes Drop The Bass
16:00 8-Bit and Beyond URY Jukebox The Right Faces For Radio No DLC Required PMS (20,000 Leagues) Into the Void
17:00 Nothing but Chuuuunes Topics & Tunes Speech Showcase The Brighter Side of Life Brad and Liam's Musical Emporium URY Jukebox Steely Beats
18:00 Dylan with a Mike! Anything Goes URY Newshour Screen University Radio Talk The Eclectic Mix Castle Sessions
18:30 York Sport Report
19:00 URY:PM - URY Chart Show URY:PM - Cream Cheese URY Jukebox URY:PM - (( URY Music )) URY:PM - Roku Radio URY Presents: Election Results Night URY:PM - No Ducks Given
21:00 The Rap Up Grandad's Jazz ((URY)) Music: Bedtime Mix Fringe: Full Metal Racket Kiltie Pleasures with Jonny Gully Riddems
22:00 Leckie's listeners Retrospectre! Core Blimey Building Bridges - The Road to Rock and Roll The Alternative Music Show NICturnal
23:00 Hidden Gems The Night Call LOUD&LOADED NOUVEAU. In Between Days Simon's Show of Serendipity AM-bassador
00:00 Music for Old People More Songs About Chocolate And Girls... URY Jukebox Keenan vs. Kelly: Battle of the Genres URY Jukebox URY Jukebox Oscars 2017 Live
01:00 URY Jukebox URY Jukebox URY Jukebox