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Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
09:00 Good Morning York Breakfast Batch URY Jukebox URY Jukebox The Breakfast Playlist Roses 2017 Roses 2017
10:00 URY Jukebox Grumpy Youngish Men Sabbsolutely Fabulous
11:00 URY Brunch: Star-Struck Jack and the Mystery Cat URY Brunch: No DLC Required URY Jukebox
12:00 Roses 2017
13:00 The Vinyl Frontier URY Jukebox Opening the floodgates
14:00 Random banter Toons in the Afternoons Mascot in Session URY Jukebox
15:00 The 20th Century Collection Showtime! #NowPlaying Barry Tomes
16:00 8-Bit and Beyond These Charming Girls Topics & Tunes The Brighter Side of Life
17:00 Anything Goes URY Jukebox These Charming Girls URY Jukebox
18:00 URY Jukebox URY Newshour Screen Pep Talk
18:30 University Radio Talk
19:00 URY:PM - URY Chart Show National Award Nominated URY:PM with National Award Nominated K-Spence URY:PM - Cream Cheese URY:PM - (( URY Music )) URY Jukebox
21:00 Indie Unearthed URY Jukebox (( URY Music )) : Bedtime Mix URY Headspace: Exam Stress Don't Stop The Music This week in music
22:00 Keenan vs. Kelly: Battle of the Genres Retrospectre! The Joel Mitchell Show The Alternative Music Show URY Jukebox coHEARence Ell's CD Soundsystem
23:00 URY Jukebox The Night Call URY Jukebox In Between Days URY Jukebox NICturnal