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08:00 Get Up! with That Kneller Fella URY Jukebox URY Jukebox Breakfast Batch URY Jukebox URY Jukebox URY Jukebox
09:00 URY Jukebox URY Jukebox 4runner The Hangover Hour
10:00 A Batte out of Hull NFLementary The Weekly Muddle URY Jukebox URY 50 A Beautiful Game
11:00 URY Jukebox URY Jukebox URY Jukebox URY Brunch : The Saturday Lie-In URY Brunch with YJ & Friends
13:00 The North/South Divide Fantastic Beats and Where to Find Them Astrid & Alex, Alex & Astrid Stage saucy is as saucy does
14:00 Show Me the Monday! For Jack of a Better Tom PMS York Sport Report Will & Dyl: Anything Goes Jazz Hands
15:00 URY Jukebox The Hits Show - Every Decade - Its Been Made Chat and such The Indie Hour URY Jukebox The York Politics Digest
16:00 8-Bit and Beyond Sick Tunes Time War The Right Faces For Radio Yorking Heads URY Jukebox
17:00 Anything Goes The Bois That Untitled 80s Experience R&B Weekly All Around the World
18:00 Topics & Tunes Movie Talk URY Newshour Screen Two Awkward D.T.F. RADIO Castle Sessions
19:00 URY:PM - URY Chart Show URY:PM - (( URY Music )) URY:PM - The Brighter Side of Life URY Jukebox URY:PM - Roku Radio YUSU Elections 2018: Election Results Night URY:PM - The Try Guys
21:00 There's Nothing Like a Showtune! The Dan & Tom Show The Joel Mitchell Show URY Jukebox Keenan vs. Kelly: Battle of the Genres
22:00 LDN to YO10 The Night Call Cream Cheese Moshpit The Joel Mitchell Show
23:00 Late Strange and Beautiful Peculiarities You'll Wish Radio Had Subtitles URY Jukebox URY Jukebox
00:00 So It Went More Songs About Chocolate And Girls... Love Letters The Jiffy Stubbins Dirt-Bag Experience. Subtitles on Decks
01:00 URY Jukebox URY Jukebox URY Jukebox URY Jukebox Late Night Videogames