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Duration: 1 Hour

Chats with Charlotte

Thursday, 16 May 2024 - 17:00


Chats with Charlotte (and Co) is a informal show, where favourite tunes are shared, with some interesting conversations along the way. Requests are always welcomed and so is listener participation!



Charlotte Smith


Track Artist Time
JUSTICE Hiroyuki Takami 17:02
Secret Story of the Swan (Japanese Version) IZ*ONE 17:11
Smart LE SSERAFIM 17:15
We Will Rave Kaleen 17:23
Gardens of Wonderland Meowgical Rosie 17:27
Hurricane Cyan Kicks 17:31
Unforgettable Marcus & Martinus 17:35
Decision Dome Isaac Wilkins 17:39
La noia Angelina Mango 17:42
Double-Action Rod form 野上良太郎&ウラタロス(CV.佐藤 健・遊佐浩二) 17:47
Liar Silia Kapsis 17:51
Melodies of Hope Patty Gurdy 17:56