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Hiya! I'm Charlotte, a first-year Vanbrugh student studying History and Politics! I can often be found listening to J-Pop (on repeat), K-Pop and a copious amount of Eurovision songs in May. When not studying or radio-ing, I play a lot of Sea of Thieves and Genshin Impact. 

I am URY's Programme Controller, which means I mostly make sure people don't break our licenses, I schedule/move/cancel shows, and I make sure people don't anger OFCOM, amongst other things. Please do give me a shout if you need anything!

However, I also (co-)present a variety of different shows for URY, including my flagship Chats with Charlotte, QWERTY (URY's best and only video gaming show), and Kaiju Box Office. I was also a host on the URYTPs and, for a brief period, Listen on Headphones. You'll often also see me on URY's Newshour, and wherever else I can participate. If there's shenanigans to be had, I will try and be there!

I hope to see you around, and if you do, say hi!


  • Alumni and Archives Officer - from 2 Oct 2023 to 26 Feb 2024
  • Programme Controller - since 4 Mar 2024
  • Wiki Editor - since 27 May 2024


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