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Duration: 2 Hours

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Sunday, 26 Jun 2022 - 00:00


An experiment to fill the hours of the night, in my final weeks as a student.



Rhys Milling


Connor Sanders


Track Artist Time
Omen (Reprise) The Prodigy 00:15
Runway H Death Grips 00:17
Lift Yourself Kanye West 00:22
This Is How It Feels Inspiral Carpets 00:28
Frankie Sinatra (Extended Mix) The Avalanches 00:34
Da Mystery Of Chessboxin' Wu-Tang Clan 00:41
Jesus Walks Kanye West 00:48
Weird Fishes / Arpeggi Radiohead 00:51
Mr. Blue Sky Electric Light Orchestra 01:04
We Built This City Starship 01:10
A Little Time The Beautiful South 01:15
She's White Electric Six 01:20
Bodysnatchers Radiohead 01:25
Jesus, Etc. Wilco 01:29
Baba O'Riley The Who 01:33
Pinball Wizard The Who 01:38
Television Rules The Nation / Crescendolls Daft Punk 01:50