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Duration: 1 Hour


Thursday, 12 May 2022 - 17:00


How many times have you stolen a song from a friend? I do it all the time. Want to tap into the playlist and the background story to each of the songs? Tune in! All the songs I've ever stolen from a friend with a special guest...the original owner of the playlist I've so gracefully made my own. There's only one condition: they have to come clean too and share the songs I've influenced them into blasting on repeat. First up: the poor soul that has to listen to ALL of my music; my housemate Abbie! It's only fair.



Track Artist Time
Strangers Sigrid 17:07
Paper Rings Taylor Swift 17:14
Foundations (Clean Edit) Kate Nash 17:21
Grace Kelly Mika 17:28
Outnumbered Dermot Kennedy 17:34
Big Energy (Remix) [Clean] Latto x Mariah Carey feat. DJ Khaled 17:40
It'll Be Okay Shawn Mendes 17:46
Good Without Mimi Webb 17:54