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Claudia Milani-Santarpia Vargas


Hi, I'm Claudia (pronounced cloud-ear)! I'm Spanish, Italian and English. I was born in Madrid, raised in Rome, have been living in London for the last 5 years and now I'm at York! You'll most likely find me doing talk-show-y type stuff like the Weekly Wound-Up with the amazing Scarlet and Alex or on a podcast!

Why did I join URY? They asked me the same thing at the first production meeting I attended and the notes from said meeting sum it up to a tee so I'll drop that in here: "Thought it'd be kinda cool-loves to talk." Other interests of mine (besides radio and well....talking) are fashion, travel, photography, boxing, debate, golf, and anything that involves cooking or baking! I'm also the Digital Marketing Manager for the station.

As Welfare Officer, my Inbox is always open. If you're feeling overwhelmed, have a specific issue, or simply want to have a chat, you can message me anytime on Slack (@Claudia), Instagram (@claudia_milanii), or email me at


  • Digital Marketing Manager - from 8 Mar 2021 to 29 Nov 2021
  • Welfare Officer - from 8 Sep 2021 to 7 Mar 2022
  • Head of Marketing - from 29 Nov 2021 to 28 Feb 2022


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