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Duration: 1 Hour

Thursday Night Fever Dream

Saturday, 19 Jun 2021 - 02:00


Sleep is for the weak. Radio is for the strong. Join Towells and Q for a show that may or may not be an out-of-body experience for all involved.


Yeah this show is still called Thursday Night Fever Dream even though it's on Friday now. Deal with it, we're lazy.



Alex Towells
Q Cummins


Track Artist Time
Outliars and Hyppocrates: a fun fact about apples Will Wood 02:03
Inertiatic ESP The Mars Volta 02:08
Art Is Dead Bo Burnham 02:13
An Academics Lament On Barbie Crywank 02:15
100 Years from Now Theo Katzman 02:20
FUCKMYLIFE666 Against Me! 02:25
Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) Kate Bush 02:30
Insane The Hives 02:35
Life is An RPG and I Fucked Up My Build Negative XP 02:38
Fear of Dying Poppy 02:41
Just A Snail Crywank 02:44
Shit's Fucked SPT 02:47
The Fever (Aye Aye) Death Grips 02:51
Impostor Syndrome Sidney Gish 02:54
Back in the 90’s Grouplove 02:59