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Alex Towells



I'm Alex, or Towells if you think there are too many people called Alex in this radio station (there are). I'm the Production Manager, so if you want to get a show off the ground, get help, advice or ideas for an existing show or do an Outside Broadcast from somewhere, come find me! The best place would be Production Meeting, which is on Zoom every Monday at 8pm. Get yourself down to and sign up with your uni account to hear more :D

Aside from that, you can find me talking about music on Towells' Midweek Break Manic Music Mixer or Saturday Sound Sit-Down, and sport on A Beautiful Game! I lalso hang around with Scarlet and Claudia on Friday lunchtimes on the Weekly Wound-Up. Check them out! :)


  • Sports Editor - from 11 Nov 2019 to 24 Feb 2020
  • Production Manager - from 2 Mar 2020 to 1 Mar 2021
  • Production Manager - since 8 Mar 2021


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