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Duration: 1 Hour

Breakfast: An All Time Lowe

Saturday, 30 May 2020 - 17:00


It's early, I'm probably knackered from work, and now it's time to do a music. However, due to popular demand by people who are never going to listen, this music must be.... modern.... .... The horror is real. Join me for another hour of fake enthusiasm, rants about things I find on twitter and occasional thoughts about whether I should order in Pizza.
It's mostly for my sake.

Absolute Banger



Isaac Lowe


Track Artist Time
Teenage Dirtbag (UK Radio Edit) Wheatus 17:02
Dog Days Are Over Florence + the Machine 17:10
Have A Nice Day Stereophonics 17:13
Hips Don't Lie Shakira 17:16
Hung Up (Radio Version) Madonna 17:21
I Kissed a Girl Katy Perry 17:25
Evacuate the Dancefloor (Radio Edit) Cascada 17:28
From Paris to Berlin Infernal 17:32
Fire Burning Sean Kingston 17:35
Jump Girls Aloud 17:39
Shine Take That 17:43
Up The Saturdays 17:47
Mr Brightside The Killers 17:52
Bad Day Daniel Powter 17:56