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Duration: 1 Hour

The Weekly Muddle

Tuesday, 12 Mar 2019 - 14:00


Life is confusing enough - take an hour to join someone who has it less together than you do. Welcome to the weekly muddle, on a quest through music, games and all things strange to get you through your week.



Track Artist Time
On Top of the World Imagine Dragons 14:02
Do You Remember Ellie Goulding 14:06
River [feat. Ed Sheeran] [Clean] Eminem 14:09
break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored [Clean] Ariana Grande 14:20
I Am A Cider Drinker The Wurzels 14:29
Hooked on a Feeling Blue Swede 14:32
You Had Your Soul With You The National 14:40
With or Without You U2 14:46