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Duration: 1 Hour

8-Bit and Beyond

Monday, 6 Feb 2017 - 16:00


The hosts of 'Building Bridges the Road to Rock and Roll' and 'The Nightcall' come together to play you the very best music the video game world has to offer; with plenty of additional room for discussion, TV and Anime soundtracks, memes and more.



Track Artist Time
The Best Is Yet To Come Aoife Ni Fhearraigh 16:02
Gale Yasunori Mitsuda 16:09
Fire Island Volcano Keisuke Ito, Yasuhiro Kawagoe, Noriko Murakami 16:13
Ultraviolence Mick Gordon 16:17
What U Need (Blazy Mix) SEGA / Hideki Naganuma / Teruhiko Nakagawa 16:22
A Flower Blooming in the Slums (From FFVII "Aerith's Theme") Takeharu Ishimoto 16:26
Spring (The Valley Comes Alive) ConcernedApe 16:30
Battle! (Mewtwo/Moltres/Zapdos/Articuno) Shota Kageyama 16:36
Moonquake / Ceadeus Capcom Sound Team 16:41
Encounter Kazuki Muraoka 16:46
Knightmare-Athon High Voltage Software 16:51