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Aimee Dixon


Ey up! I'm Aimee, a TFTV student at The University of York. I've been involved in independent radio since I was 15 when I became a producer/presenter/professional tea-maker at RedShift Radio in Cheshire.

On The Night Call, along with co-host Bernardas Pikutis, we've met and interviewed some of the biggest names in the synthwave/darksynth scene, including Perturbator, GosT, The Midnight and VHS Glitch. You can listen to our interviews on the URY Music team's official Mixcloud account:

I'm also one of the three hosts of 8-Bit and Beyond, a show where Bernie, Marco and I wind each other up and sometimes play videogame soundtracks.

I swear that I'm a real person and not an edited Pokemon sprite irl.


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