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Alumni Radio: The Scottish Invasion Logo
Duration: 2 Hours

Alumni Radio: The Scottish Invasion

Monday, 10 Jun 2013 - 16:00


Join current alumnus Donald Makin and (soon to be) alumnus William Chalk for some up and coming Scottish music. Because we can.



William Chalk


Track Artist Time
little rich boy sienna 16:12
falter discover the silent forest 16:13
Joined Up Writing There Will Be Fireworks 16:15
Guest of the Government Admiral Fallow 16:23
the colour upstream the youth and the young 16:27
a nation the birthday suit 16:35
A Darkness Rises Up Broken Records 16:39
wedding gloves Frightened Rabbit 16:42
day of days waiting on jack 16:49
sally new romantics club 16:54
welcome to disaster nettles 16:58
civil war bwani junction 17:02
plans people places maps 17:09
sailor's son fatherson 17:11
gradients the winter tradition 17:17
waking the dead crayons 17:24
the late 90s the ok social club 17:28
scottish accents until we're winning 17:31
fountain ewan butler 17:34
skulls and bones rachel mcalpine 17:39
ice cream ded rabbit 17:44
first bus out of town middleton hall 17:48
a far cry we were promised jetpacks 17:54
dj ess 18:00